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Transformers Universe Classic Sunstreaker

By Hervé St-Louis
June 28, 2009 - 12:33

Sunstreaker, the brother of Autobot Sideswipe is a cold blooded warrior that cares a lot about his polish and physical appearance. He was one of the first Autobots introduced in 1984 by Hasbro. Traditionally a yellow Lamborghini, Hasbro has released a “fake” and updated Lamborghini car including elements from several current models of the car maker. When transformed into a robot, Sunstreaker’s form is quite similar to his original cartoon depiction.

Hasbro did something interesting with the Sideswipe version of this toy. The way it’s built, one only has to flip around the chest to get a Sideswipe from the same built. It’s true that the twin brothers often looked alike, but now, it’s made more evident than ever and a good way to reuse the same sculpt on both characters. Now the only one missing is Red Alert, which has already been released with the same sculpt by Takara, Hasbro’s Japanese toy manufacturing partner.

Sunstreaker has a lot of articulations in his arms and legs. He stand up better than Prowl too. I’m not a fan of how his shoulder rockets are obstructed by other elements meaning he can’s shoot a missile straight at an unsuspecting flying Decepticon. Also when transforming him into a car, his doors have difficulty entering the mould they fit in. A lot of pressure has to be applied and that can break the toy if too much force is used.

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