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Transformers Universe Classic Autobot Hound with Ravage

By Hervé St-Louis
May 18, 2009 - 14:47

The Autobot tracker first introduced in ‘More than Meets the Eyes’ way back in 1984 is back with a new action figure that transforms into a jeep and tries to captures the likeness of the cartoon series. Hound comes with his common nemesis Ravage, the black panther that transforms into a cassette and was one of Soundwave, the Decepticons’ communicator, best sidekick.  This toy is aimed at kids from the 1980s with found memories of the original character. Really, nobody uses cassettes anymore. But is Hound worth tracking?


Just like many of the updated Transformers’ toys since the Alternator line, Hound’s car mode is only loosely based on an existing car possibly to both modernize the toy line and to avoid paying royalties to car makers like Jeep. As a car, Hound has some of the best mobility of the new remakes from Hasbro. Other cars’ floors are so low that the wheels have barely enough room to navigate. Not with Hound.  Hound also has realistic interiors where drivers can sit and a complete dashboard. I don’t like where the holographic projector/gun is pegged in on one of the seat’s top. It would have made more sense on the rear hood. One thing missing from Hound’s decal is a white star on his doors, which by the way do not open.

Transforming Hound is easy. It takes less time than most recent Transformers action figures, which is a good thing. Yet, as a car, it’s hard to guess that this is a robot. I like how all parts from Hound logically elements of his body, instead of the interior limb sculpting design that has been prevalent in the last few years at Hasbro. His seats are part of his thighs. Only his arms are totally not part of the exterior shell of his body.


Hound’s main problem is his lack of weapons. He only has that holographic gun that should lay on his right shoulder. However there is little pressure to peg the gun on the shoulder. Although the peg of the gun is square, it will fit in his hands, which are empty without the holographic gun. Hound is a right-handed robot, but the gun detailing suggests it should be put on the left hand instead.  Hound is not the most stable Autobot in robot mode, but you can extend his heels to give him more balance.

Now Ravage

Ravage is a cool cat but he lacks his side weapons that give him more presence. It seems like the other Ravage action figure released with Soundwave this year will be a better one and less cheap looking. Although I like having that cat, it looks cheap. Had his toes been articulated it would have added more coolness to the toy. Ravage’s articulations are loose, especially his back end which tend to split easily. My main criticism about Ravage is the arch back exposing his ass outward. It looks silly. It’s a good thing that he can be posed so that his shoulders look more prominent than his ass.

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