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Transformers Universe Classic Prowl

By Hervé St-Louis
June 20, 2009 - 15:50

The Transformers Universe Classic Prowl action figure attempts to give collector a modernized Prowl similar to his cartoon depiction, but with better articulations. Prowl, the Autobots’ strategist and second in command was first introduced in 1984 as one of the first generation of Transformers. Always a valiant combatant, his role in the cartoon series was taken over by Jazz and he was mostly a background character with little to say. He was still a strategist but more a good soldier. His most iconic act was to be killed in the Transformers’ movie. In the comic book series by Marvel Comics, he was again treated as the second in command of the Transformers, but was often pushed aside by newer and more popular characters.

There are major changes to the robot mode whereby the sides of the front hood are part of the car door wings on Prowl’s back. It gives him a more streamlined look, but also makes the car mode look odd because the plastic used for the doors and the sides of the hood is transparent and less resistant than the other white plastic on his chest.  So Prowl loses points for not being a tight looking car. The neck stand upon which his head rests when in robot form is also very loose and doesn’t stand tight. The lower body of Prowl has the type of transformation that has been used tremendously the last few years by Hasbro on Transformers. It makes for well articulated legs that allow the character to take any number of dynamic poses. His arms are as articulated. I find Prowl’s head to be too small for his body which takes away marks for his robot mode.

Transforming the figure is not complicated, but to get his door wings out of the way, one has to struggle. Often, they will fall off the pegs they are inserted in. Also, being is a cheaper plastic, there are serious concerns that they can break. Another problem with this toy is that the gun which is supposed to be inserted in the middle of the car’s bottom, slips very easily and when inserted, stops the front wheels from touching the ground. Even when removed, the front will have barely some traction with the ground because of the tip of the shoulders and the knees of the robot.

This toy could have been a great one had these little design problems being fixed. I don’t believe these have been fixed in the Silverstreak (Bluestreak) and Smokescreen remould based on Prowl’s action figure.

Rating: 6.5 /10

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