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The Incredible Hercules # 117

By Andy Doan
June 3, 2008 - 07:06

The Incredible Hercules 117
Athena, the god of wisdom and sister of the Incredible Hercules has assembled a council of the Gods. She reveals to them details of the Skrull invasion revealed through prophecy and her own personal findings. A Skrull victory on Earth would not only mean the end of the human race but it would also spell the end of the human gods. The Queen of the Skrulls carries a religious agenda for conquest, as the pantheon of Earth is to be replaced by her alien Deity.

The weakened Gods of Earth make a plan to send forth their mightiest heroes in a preemptive strike against their Skrull counterparts. With Hercules as their leader the team is made up of, Narya (snowbird), Tecumotzin of the Eternals, Amatsumikaboshi and Atum father of the Gods of Egypt. They set out in a ship forged by Altjira against what seems to be impossible odds. At the end we're left to believe that it might not be the fates alone guiding them.

This book is one of the most surprising things to come out of the Invasion crossover event. Not that Invasion has been light on surprises. The concept is so obvious it's brilliant! Of course there's a Skrull pantheon! Of course it needs to replace the Earth Gods in order for the Skrull invasion to be complete. It has a interesting premise and a group of interesting characters to drive it.

The story fits perfectly within the theme of the book. Many times within these big crossovers the personality of the title gets lost in favor of the big picture. They have given Hercules his very own special corner of Invasion. Within his own area of the story Herc could potentially play a critical role in how things play out. This book has earned a place on the required reading list for this event.

The quality of the art in this one is as accelerated as everything else in the secret invasion series. I found some of the faces a bit wacky at times but nothing too distracting. Mood driven coloring made the overall experience more engrossing. Another great fun cover that has defined the series as of late.

I was one of the readers that was kind of sucked into this title after the switch over from the Hulk. I half considered dropping it because I had never really set out to collect a Hercules comic. With every issue the uniqueness and charm of the book won me over. Now out of the blue I'm front row center for one of the most interesting stories in the coolest crossover events in recent history. A gift from the Gods perhaps?

Rating: 9 /10

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