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The Brave and the Bold # 23

By Koppy McFad
May 25, 2009 - 04:11


The time-travelling Booster Gold discovers that Magog, the "superhero" who will bring the bleak world of KINGDOM COME to pass-- is now here, in the present and he is determined to stop the guy, even if it means using deadly force.

This issue is written and drawn by the regular team of  the BOOSTER GOLD comic and looks just like a regular issue of BOOSTER GOLD. Magog, who has been something of an anti-hero in the pages of JUSTICE SOCIETY, really hasn't had a chance to establish himself as anything other than a pawn of a supervillain. So in a sense, this issue actually does more to advance the Magog character than his recent appearances in JSA.

While Magog may be a hero now, he is still a frightening, arrogant and ruthless individual who doesn't hesitate to kill or main his enemies. He also doesn't think too highly of Booster Gold either. Booster does not like him much too. This serious confrontational Booster, who doesn't back down to a bigger, scarier superhero, is quite impressive. It shows his serious side, which other writers have too often ignored.

Our heroes handle a hostage situation in the Middle East but their real conflict is with each other. Although they do not come to blows, this issue sets the stage for a more serious confrontation in the future. It also puts Booster in a unique situation since he seems aware of the real threat behind Magog even though the rest of the world may actually see him as a hero.

The art is well-balanced, helping to tell the story while being very pleasing to look at in its own right. Booster looks really sharp, especially his facial expressions. Magog is merely "okay" and doesn't really look as menacing in the interiors as he does on the cover.

The scenes of urban conflict could look more realistic. DC Comic's war books have never had a problem capturing the grittiness of war but this superhero book makes it a little too cartoonish.

Rating: 8 /10

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