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The Flash # 242

By Koppy McFad
July 22, 2008 - 02:21


After battling a psychic rampage in Keystone City, the Flash, Wally West, takes his twin children to Gorilla City, seeking a cure for their rapid ageing... only to discover something horrible awaiting them there.

This issue is rather disjointed. There are actually several plots running together and sometimes, they get in each other's way. There is the psychic attack that is causing citizens to go on a rampage, there is the advanced maturity of Wally's kids and there is a holy white gorilla that must be returned to Gorilla City. Along with this, we get an extended flashback about the cause of the psychic rampage and a short introduction to Gorilla civilisation. It is a lot to take in.

What does come through however is the characterisation-- of Wally West as both tough and compassionate, as both mature and emotional. Of his kids who are still learning how to be heroes but who are also eager for new experiences. Even the supporting characters get a chance to leave a lasting impression on the reader. One might suspect that the creative team is using the strong characterisations to keep the story together. Certainly there are big plot holes, like why Flash would expose his children to the dangerous world of superheroism or how Gorilla City has transformed from a scientifically-advanced enclave to some sort of mystical garden-city, fixated on a supernatural ape-child. But these details don't really trip up the story as the characters are convincing enough  that most readers will accept their reasons for doing things.

The art takes a little getting used to. It is bright and full of strange colours and bizarre shapes. The characters-- particularly the kids-- have a cartoonish look. But at the same time, like well-made cartoons, the art does catch the eye, making it easier to read the book. It also does not rely on over-use of speed lines or other depictions of Flash's super-speed as previous versions of this book have done.


Rating: 7 /10

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