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Review: Cyborg #13


By Philip Schweier
Jun 7, 2017 - 4:55

I’m not sure where this issue falls in terms of story arcs; it’s all one ongoing saga to me. But re-teams Cyborg with Detroit super-hero Black Narcissus, as they take on Fyrewyre, a techno-ninja out to take down Cyborg.

I used to hate this title, but it’s entered that MST3K level where is take a perverse delight in wondering how bad each issue’s story will be. This was better than most, though I’m flummoxed by a few points. For instance, Fyrewyre has adopted a rather tech-savvy name. Yet he was a ninja first, who later added the layer of high-tech weaponry to his bag o’ tricks. So what was he called when he was just your average run o’ the mill ninja?

Then there’s his dialogue: “Surrender now, or be humiliated by the superior stealth, cunning and powers of…FYREWYRE!” Really? I thought bad guys stopped talking that way when Cannon Films closed its doors.

It remains to be seen if Black Narcissus has a future in the pages of Cyborg, or the greater DC Universe. She suggests to him that he remain in Detroit and be the hero the citizens envision. He replies that his greater role with the JLA has kept him distracted, which is a very reasonable reply to her unreasonable suggestion. After all, you don’t ask a US Army Ranger to take a job as a small-town cop. Granted, he might appreciate the reduce in stress, but it’s not like super-heroes get paid.

However Black Narcissus makes a good point, in her secret identity as Donna Morris, head of R&D for Holt Industries. She proposes releasing the company’s advanced tech for the good of the people, but of course the board is loathe to give anything away. No doubt this is a sentiment shared by the boards of Wayne Industries, Kord Enterprises, Stagg Enterprises, and all the advanced tech companies that inhabit the DCU.

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