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G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Island Major Bludd


By Hervé St-Louis
December 31, 2021 - 22:10

Major Bludd is an Australian Cobra mercenary who was a member of Australia’s Special Air Service. Wanted throughout the world for crimes against many governments, Major Sebastian Bludd gets the job done while citing his awful poetry. A mainstay of the early G.I. Joe comics and cartoon, he was introduced in G.I. Joe #16 (1983) and in the first G.I. Joe A Real American Hero animated series (1983). In the cartoon, Bludd served more as a high-level officer rather than a mercenary.

Often overlooked for more popular character, Major Bludd continues to appear in all G.I. Joe media and has had several action figures over the years. The Classified version of Major Bludd draws from several sources of inspiration to create what has to be one of the most popular actions of 2021 in the G.I. Joe Classified line. Major Bludd was one of the infamous Cobra Island exclusive action figures that is only available at Toys R Us Canada, or Target stores in the United States.

When the first Major Bludd action figure was leaked on eBay, before being announced, bids for him became outrageous and at one point, he the bids had reached over $18,000. eBay stepped in a removed the fraudulent and trolling bids for this action figure. But that alone, did not cement Major Bludd as an action figure worth having. It’s a desirable release from Hasbro, as he plays a classic villainous role, that of the evil and competent adjutant senior officer.


Classic marks of Major Bludd are his eyepatch, his helmet, his robotic arm and brown suit with body armour. This is what Hasbro did with the Classified version of this figure, except they made everything a bit darker and more contemporary. The Classified Major Bludd is the example of an action figure that borrows as much from the past, while toning down the video game-inspired influences of the first Classified releases.

However, the beauty of this figure is how Hasbro’s designers added touches that make the figure even better than anything we could have imagined. First, his removeable helmet reveals a buzz-mohawk hair cut that show thew character’s age. Next are the scars on his face running through his eyepatch. He saw combat. The mechanical right arm makes more sense than ever with a slick design that is less boxy than the original.

The dog tags, taken from fallen soldiers is still on his neck and is removable. However, it does not look good. Bludd’s rocket launching gun has been improved. Two extra rockets which fit on his backpack can be combined with the handled rocket launching pistol. One thing that was not in the original Major Bludd that could have been added was a knife.



The sculpt reuses the torso, the left arm, the crotch, and the legs from the Cobra troopers and infantry. The boots are unique. Hasbro seems to have mastered the art of reusing parts from other figures and I cannot complain as the change of colour masks that to some extent. It also makes sense that major Bludd would reuse the same uniform from the Cobra troopers and infantry. I like classic-looking Major Bludd body armour.

Now, the right arm is new as it is robotic. It could also be an armour that covers a partly mangled arm, damaged by previous attacks, including Major Bludd’s own rockets. It’s a skinnier and is covered by a shoulder patch that may protect the part that was not amputated nor damaged in previous fights. The shin guards and boots are new. The boots have cap steel toes. The design on the boots is intricate.



Most of the figure is in the base plastic. However, the face has significant 3D face paint. The only shading is on the face which mimics stubble and an unshaven look, as well as the scars on his face. Some of the brown areas have black paint colouring the various sculpted in patches. There is silver paint on the belt where the grenades are. The mechanical arm and his left forearm have a metallic grey wash. I like the white streak in his hair.



Sebastian Bludd is the middle ground of the height in Cobra. He is slightly taller than Firefly, Cobra trooper and infantry, but shorter than Cobra Commander, Destro, and Zartan. He is about the same height as Duke and Flint, and much taller than all Snake Eyes, Breaker, and Beach Head. Major Bludd, like most G.I. Joe Classified action figures looks great next to Star Wars Black Series and both comic book and Marvel Cinematic Universe-based action figures.


While Major Bludd’s feet are not flat, he stands quite well. However, you must balance him well, as well as his props so that he can stand up without falling.



Major Bludd has a head on a ball peg. His is also on a ball peg and thus moves too. Because his collar is high, his head cannot rock as easily as other Classified figures. The right shoulder’s patch is attached through pegs on the top of the shoulder. It falls off easily when raising the arm. That arm can rotate and rise. There is a bicep swivel, double elbow articulations, and can bend at the palm. The left arm has similar articulations but has a trigger palm articulation.

Major Bludd’s torso articulations are limited by his body armour, even though he has a diaphragm bend. He has a waist swivel and can also rock. He has the Classified drop-down hip articulations that give him a bit more range. However, the holster on his right thigh will limit the thigh swivel and the hip articulations. The figure has double knees articulations, ankles that can rock and bend up and down. He also has boot swivels.


Major Bludd is mostly made of PVC plastic, including his props.



The rockets keep falling from the backpack and that is annoying. They barely fit in. as mentioned above, Major Bludd has silver painted dog tags. It’s one moulded piece that fits just right on his collar but easily falls off. The backpack stays on his back quite well. The rocket launching pistol looks like the older one but better. Instead of a regular pistol, he has one that looks like a shot gun that fits on a holster on Bludd’s right thigh. The helmet looks like the one worn by the Cobra troopers and infantry but appears to be thinner. The bridge above the middle of the eyes is in the shape of a peak, instead of round, like the troopers or Cobra Commander.


Major Bludd comes in the usual G.I Joe Classified box but because it’s a Cobra Island exclusive, there is a map of Cobra Island on the back with highlights over sections of the island.


Major Bludd was listed at $22.99 USD and $34.99 in Canada. Of course, if like me, you get Major Bludd from an auction site or through a reseller, it can cost as much as $40 to $100.



It was easier to find Major Bludd in the United States, once it was in stores. In Canada, the distribution at Toys R Us was always difficult. Hasbro, Target, and Toys R Us have re-released some of the early Cobra Island exclusive action figures to the extent that they have flooded stores and peg warm – I’m looking at you Baroness! I got my Major Bludd on the secondary market.

Rating: 9 /10

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