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G.I. Joe Classified Destro


By Hervé St-Louis
September 10, 2020 - 17:37

Destro is one of the most important villains allied with Cobra in the G.I. Joe Real American Hero  series. Destro is not formally Cobra but an ally who develops and sells them their weapons. Thus, Destro is to be credited with the crazy looking Cobra gear, such as the HISS tanks or the Cobra Trouble Bubble. Destro comes from a long-standing family of Scots who were forced to wear masks as a punishment for selling weapons to both sides during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, thus increasing their riches while fermenting war and conflict. Destro, also know as Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV, was introduced to G.I. Joe in 1983 is the leader of his own terrorist organization, the Iron Grenadiers. In most G.I. Joe incarnations, Destro has always been in a romantic relationship with the Baroness. He is the first villain released as part of G.I. Joe Classified.


Destro has had a few different looks in toys and cartoons but he usually sports black skintight costumes with red highlights and a metallic mask. A variant of Destro is about to be released soon. It has the same sculpt but depicts a latter version ofd the character that collectors have affectionately referred to as Pimp Daddy Destro. Hasbro prefer to refer to him as Profit Director Destro. The original version of Destro I am reviewing today looks a lot like the original 1983 action figure with some styling to make his suit more current. Stiches, baby. The classic pronounced metallic face that makes Destro look like a black man with a full pair of lips is there. The open corset and cobra-shaped collar exposing a bare chest are there too. Destro sports his infamous forearm-mounted mini-missiles that he can shoot at close range against any opponent. The grey highlights on his suit are on the forearms and the boots, much like the original character. An important aspect of Destro’s look is his height compared with other characters. He is rightfully taller than most and very muscular. I really like this Destro action figure.


Every stich on Destro’s suit is sculpted. While he appears muscular and strong, his physique is still smaller than Roadblock’s. His feet appear a bit smaller than they should though. Turn Destro’s back and you will see a very intricate sculpt that creates moulds and leathery patches out of his muscles. From afar, Destro appears simply designed but there are many details worth discovering. The head sculpt, of course had to be perfect fos such a character as it is the most distinct feature he has. I still don’t understand how a guy wear a metal head that mimics his real skill without being a mutant called Colossus, but It still looks great on him. The articulations of the abs crunch makes Destro feel like he is permanently looking down, so you may have to adjust his head upward.



The paint does disappoint on Destro because of an important decision taken by Hasbro.  They did not give him a vac-metal painted head which would reflect the environment around the character’s head like a chrome dome. Thus, Destro’s head looks dull with the silver paint. Destro’s bare chest and the metallic forearms also look cheap. The chest is subjugated with a thick peach coating and the metallic paints on the forearms look uneven. The red plastic gun holder has only one colour although top area which is a belt permanently stuck on Destro has silver paint.



Destro is based on the 1:12 scale or six-inches action figures. He rowers above all other G.I. Joe Classified toys introduced in the first wave except for Roadblock. This is exactly how it should be. He looks great next to the other G.I. Joe Classified toys, but the most important test will be when I can put him next to a Baroness action figure. In past decades, there was an inflation of the 1:12 scale where many toys were closer to seven inches instead of six. G.I. Joe Classified has moved away from this trend so they may look smaller and tinier than some other action figures, even when they appear to be smaller than a guy like Destro. Their head and features will appear a bit larger than Destro’s classic human-like scale.



Stability may be a problem with your Destro action figure. His feet are a bit short and thus do not fully support his top-heavy torso. The joints are also loose, which affect his balance. You can pose him without an action figure stand but he will not be the most stable G.I. Joe Classified action figure on your shelf. You will have to wiggle a lot with his hips, knees, and ankles to find the right balance so he can stay put. If he falls, he will fall from behind. So perhaps placing him next to a bookshelf or a wall could help.


Destro has the same articulations as the other male G.I. Joe Classified action figures which means the new double neck articulation where the neck can also pivot from its base, not just the head. He has butterfly arm pits making him capable of closing his arms in to some extent. He has double elbow, and double knee articulations. Bicep curls, wrist curls, thigh curls, calve curls offer greater range of motion. I don’t like his ab crunch but do like the rotating waist feature that offers some mobility, although that is hindered by the strap on his gun holster. The ankles can pivot, and the toes also have curl articulations.  The articulations are stiff in some areas like the knees but too loose like the ab crunch. The head and neck articulations are not very loose and with collar around, it limits their range. The hips have Hasbro’s new double hinge feature adding more range to the legs, although, again the holster limits the right leg’s motion.



Destro’s build consist of the soft plastic that appears durable enough but may not last as long as the original action figure from 1983. The props are also soft although they are more rubberlike.


Destro comes with two guns. One looks much like the original Iron Grenadiers’ guns with a flat red top. The other gold-coloured gun is a good fit for him even though his metallic them is silver. It just looks right. It is a smaller pistol that fits in his holster. Destro’s larger gun does not fit I n the briefcase. The briefcase is a good addiction and reminiscent of the one that came with the first Destro action figure, except it also features a laptop and some money inside. If the larger gun could fit in the case, the set would be perfect.



Destro comes with the same packaging other regular G.I. Joe Classified have except as a Cobra-related operative, the styling of his box is red. The art of the box makes it seem like Destro is the embodiment of Cobra even if he is not really a Cobra.


Destro costs $29.99 in Canada and $19.99 in the United States. Don’t pay scaper,s fees for this toy. You would be encouraging the people who exploit action figure collectors.



Destro was announced much later than the rest of the first wave of G.I. Joe Classified action figures. While many got their action figure at around the same time as the rest of the wave came out, I had to wait months before I received mine. Destro sold out from Hasbro Pulse the same day he was released. Other action figures in the first wave have since been offered again at Hasbro Pulse but not Destro, as I am writing this. G.I. Joe Classified action figures have quickly become complicated to collect. You should be able to find him in retail stores though.

I really like this action figure and I am glad that after months of waiting, I finally have the entire first set. Whether I continue to collect G.I. Joe Classified will depend on Hasbro’s ability to make them available to collectors and kids easily instead of supporting the scalpers and the stores that sell certain versions of these toys as exclusives.

Rating: 9 /10

Last Updated: August 31, 2023 - 08:12

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