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Five Senses #0

By Stacy Buck
September 23, 2011 - 17:19

Five Senses was created by Raymond Brothers, Scott Glassgold, and written by Jake Black.  Justin Wayne did the art with colors by Sal Nieto.

Chad Bowman stops at a greasy spoon diner in the city of Seattle, before heading to a big meeting that will make him the next Bill Gates.  He’s barely taken a few steps out the door before he is witness to a brutal murder. He is questioned by police but knows if he doesn’t make his meeting, he will risk losing it all. It’s a choice that will have devastating consequences. The dilemma leads to a horrible lie and soon Chad finds that someone or something knows his secret. Now he is the one who must find the truth before he is stripped of his five senses.

With a creative story idea, clean writing style, and crisp modern illustrations, Five Senses, has something for everyone. The storyline is super creative as the writer weaves in and out of a kind of Twilight Zone meets M Knight Shyamlan plot. If you’re a fan of thrillers or horror comics you will love this comic that feels almost like a more realistic version of a Saw movie.

Justin and Sal do an excellent job mixing straight, easy to read panels, with larger more involved panels. The illustrations are straight forward, and realistic looking. The coloring is bright and helps make the illustrations really pop out of the page. Overall the art is exactly what it needs to be, not distracting from a very involved and exciting storyline.

This is the type of #0 issue that leaves you excited and wanting more. If you’re like me you are probably looking for something that is not just the same old super hero stuff. Five Senses is that comic.

Editor’s notes: Readers will have to download one of several iPhone apps that feature Viper Comics to read this comic book. It is not available as a printed comic.

Rating: 7 /10

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