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Dogs: Bullets and Carnage volume 3

By Chris Zimmerman
June 1, 2010 - 22:54

A prelude and three volumes in and the core cast have finally come together, albeit under extrenuating circumstances. Heine and Badou are still in the process of acclimating themselves to the sword maiden Naoto, who decided to stick around after the battle with Loki and Noki, when she learned of the possible connection between her parent’s killer and the mysterious group responsible for transforming Heine into a vicious killing machine. Naturally, the two are wary of her and vice versa, creating comedic tension in the group.

Volume 3 does an excellent job of setting the foundation for future arcs, as readers are finally given a brief glance into Heine’s childhood. It should come as no surprise that it is as gruesome as one would think, and is at times disturbing, as he along with others, is forced to battle struggle for survival against genetically enhanced mutants, often times being dealt wounds that would kill a normal child.

Of course, the action refuses to take a backseat to story, as Mihai, the grizzled assassin is forced into combat aboard a subway train by the very same mysterious organization responsible for the others sorrows. Towards the end, the entire cast converges as even more revelations are laid bare.

In terms of artistry, Dogs: Bullets and Carnage features some of the most visually expressive work in the business. The characters are given stylish designs with a hint of noir spliced in. The action is kinetic, depicting all sorts of violence, evoking a Hollywood blockbuster, with bullets racing across panels and blood spraying freely. The only negative is the lackluster backgrounds or lack-there-of, with many of panels featuring only the characters, opting for a “talking heads” style, while others are left curiously blank, with nothing in them at all.

Dogs: Bullets and Carnage up till now, provided style over substance. Despite a slow build, the pieces are finally beginning to come together, giving the story more depth. One can only hope Miwa is adept at juggling the multiple plot points set up in previous volumes, as this is a series that can easily find its momentum knocked out from underneath it. That said the action is still the main center piece of the series, reveling in its own knack for ultra violence while taking readers on a testosterone laced thrill ride they won’t soon forget.  

Rating: 8 /10

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