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Deadpool Family #1 (One-Shot)

By Stacy Buck
April 28, 2011 - 07:41

What Is It About:
The Deadpool Family is back, and they’re up to no good in this double sized one-shot that features the various Deadpool Corps broken into four outrageous stories.

Wow, let me start by saying I was a bit surprised on this one. After reading the Deadpool Corps: Pool-Pocalypse Now trade recently, I expected more from this comic. Of the four stories in this one-shot, only half are worth reading.

Kidpool attempts to be the center off attention to the neighborhood kids by stealing a giant government robot. The chaos that ensues is only mildly entertaining at best. I had to search had to find the interesting moments in this one, and they exist, but are few and far between. Being mediocre amongst this crowd is like being the cleanest bum in the alley.

 Ladypool and Zombie Deadpool go to counseling. This is the one that kind of ruins the entire book. It seems the two of them have problems, and like some kind of infection, so goes their storyline. The least of the problems with this story include Zombie Pools use of mispronounced words that leave you wondering if they might just be typos. Not only was the story pointless but it was nasty to look at.

Dogpool and the writing of James Asmus are by far the shining light of this book. Dogpool’s insanity leads to a battle with Sunny the Sentry Dog that is hilariously entertaining. Dogpool and his new arch-enemy have the perfect good dog/bad dog chemistry. The jokes are smooth and unpredictable. I got everything I wanted from this one including a memorable moment involving Ant-Man, with Dogpool relieving himself on a house plant in Avengers Tower.

 The wrap up is a barely passable Frank Miller style noir featuring Deadpool. I don’t feel much explanation is needed here. Plain and simple this is just a bad idea.

 If most Deadpool comics are an attempt at humor, this one ironically falls short. In a series that features a main character who never seems to take things too seriously, this one-shot tries way too hard. These stories have very few funny moments and the plot of each one seems too contrived. Overall, it’s lacking the raunchy punch you would expect from a Deadpool comic.

Before I end this dour review I want to comment that the artists did a few things that help carry the seemingly confused writing. The ultra cartoony Tom and Jerry style art of the Dogpool Vs Voidmutt employed by Darnell Johnson fits perfectly, and the inks by Robert Campanella add character and charm. The art by Mary H.K. Choi in Show And Raise Hell is what initially caught my eye. Her rendition of Kidpool in a frumpy teenage sweatshirt complete with Deadpool logo was creative. Even Liam McCormack-Sharp does a good imitation of Sin City for the section with Deadpool.

Although the art is fun, it’s just not enough to justify buying this one. Not worth the $3.99 you have to spend for a one-shot.

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