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Cyborg Rebirth


By Avi Weinryb
September 8, 2016 - 07:22

This premiere issue of a new series is exactly what we are promised (but not always given) with the “Rebirth” relaunch of the DC Comics universe. We expect a refreshing take on a long-existing character, touching upon the hero’s origins while also promising something new and bold. We get that in this first issue of Cyborg. Unlike the Rebirth issue of Deathstroke #1, there’s no need to read a preceding comic to appreciate the story here. Instead we have a perfect jumping-on point for new readers with a revitalizing take on a long-existing character.

Semper Jr. begins the series in media res, with Cyborg battling a bizarre creature to prevent it from breaking into a branch of S.T.A.R. Labs, where Cyborg’s father, Dr. Stone, conducts his research. As the cybernetic baddie connects with the lab’s record system, it reviews files on Cyborg and his alter ego, Vic Stone -- revealing to himself and the reader how Stone became the man-machine hybrid he is today. It’s a simple but clever way for the author to explore the character’s origins without building the whole book around it. Instead, we get much-needed background while also appreciating Cyborg in his current state as a tough, uncompromising hero.

The artwork is everything you’d expect from a top tier publisher debuting a new series. Paul Pelletier has been churning out top quality work for Marvel Comics and DC Comics over the years and he brings his skills to make this issue an attractive, compelling (re)introduction to a well-liked character. Pages are well-laid out, with playful composition, including the occasional over-step from the boundaries of a panel to denote movement and action. There are many metallic visuals and lab scenes here, so Guy Major should be forgiven for relying on a lot of blues and silvery greys.

If you’re looking for a fun read that promises more to come, pick up this book. It’s the start of something new, bringing an often second-fiddle character back into the spotlight.

Rating: 8 /10

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