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Review: Cyborg #10


By Philip Schweier
Mar 1, 2017 - 7:42

Sweet Christmas, who writes this junk? Oh, right, John Semper. Other than Cyborg, I'm not familiar with his CV, but at this point, I'm not sure I want to be.

See, after nine chapters of “Imitation of Life,” we have somehow transitioned into a “new” story arc, “Danger in Detroit.” But is it a new arc? Not really, just the next chapter in the previous unresolved one. I don’t envy the editor tasked with packaging the TPB for this series.

Victor Stone and his new sidekick Exxy, a tech-head, are on the run, as Cyborg is yet another DC hero is branded a public menace. Who should track them down but Z-list super-hero wannabe Black Narcissus. Really? All the might of the Detroit Police Department, and this part-time cosplayer (no, really! It’s in the script) pins them in their temporary lair in the rat-infested slums of the Motor City.

Meanwhile, tech villain Anomaly and his henchman are actively recruiting Rizzo Rattama in their search for Cyborg. Rattama is kind of like the Penguin, but with rats. And he’s black. And he lives in Detroit. And as crime bosses go, he’s not nearly as successful.

As days go by, Rattama and his four-legged friends manage to locate Cyborg. He and Exxy have made progress on purging the malware that has infected him. Aiding and abetting is Black Narcissus, a total convert to the cause. And why not? Cyborg’s in the freakin’ JLA, ferchrissake? Maybe Cyborg can get her Elongated Man’s autograph.

I’m really disappointed in this series. Nothing about it appeals to me. It seems as if the source of Cyborg’s troubles is an inadequate firewall to protect against corrupt data, computer viruses and other malware. The characters seem two-dimensional at best, though usually not even that. The setting is dismal. Impoverished Detroit seems like an unlikely place for a high-tech facility such as STAR Labs, especially when Silicon Valley seems more plausible.
DC, I think it’s time to consider an exit strategy for Cyborg. If this pattern continues, I don’t know who will be reading it. Certainly I won’t.

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