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The Binquirer, August 14 Edition: Carnahan's Daredevil dead in the water, Jackman on the Wolverine, more Thor 2 casting, Marvel NOW! covers, and much more!

By Dan Horn
August 14, 2012 - 12:44

The Binquirer isn't just an asinine pun; it's also your best source for pop-culture news. Here at the Bin, we're dedicated to making your reading experience more fulfilling, and our new aggregated news articles, The Binquirers, will keep you up to date on comic books, films, video games, and more in one frequent and concise package. Enjoy our latest installment below!

DC Comics:

Overshadowed by their screw ups yesterday, DC released their November solicitations. Besides the big news about the "Death of the Family" Batman crossover, there's quite a lot of talk about a "Black Diamond." Sounds like a build-up to Eclipso's debut in the New 52.

Bleeding Cool reports that Jim Lee will most likely be leaving the Justice League series after issue 16 and artist Ivan Reis will replace him.

Marvel Comics:

Marvel released several new Marvel NOW! issue 2 covers and the All-New X-Men #1 cover. The image embedded in this article is of Esad Ribic's incredible Thor: God of Thunder #2. You can view the others below in the image gallery.

Whereas DC can't help but destroy any possible intrigue building up to one of their comics, Marvel's solicitations for next month's The Ultimates #15 remain incredibly vague. The classified contents portend something big, but what that something is continues to elude us at the moment. I'd like to give Marvel a nice pat on the back for being able to keep a secret. Well done.

More Comics:

Brace yourself. Image Comics' Invincible #100 by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley's has been teasing a main character's death in the landmark issue. What was I just saying about classified contents and being able to keep a secret? Oh, yeah...

Film and Television:

The Coventry Telegraph's Geek Files reported that Zak Snyder's Man of Steel film will not feature John Williams' iconic score from the Superman films. I think it's more interesting that anyone actually thought a 1970's film score, as incredible and enduring as Williams' Superman theme is, was going to be used in a 2013 film that's rebooting the Superman franchise for a contemporary audience. Hans Zimmer, the man behind Nolan's Batman franchise underscoring, will be composing the score for Man of Steel.

As for the Justice League film rumors, Snyder went on to say that a JL film would be predicated upon the success of his new Superman franchise.

The Coventry Telegraph dished another scoop yesterday, this one about The Wolverine. The news source spoke with star Hugh Jackman about the film, and the actor filling the titular role explained that the film had been named  in a non-sequential manner to set it apart from the previous film, the horrid X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and to give The Wolverine a sense of singularity. Jackman went on to explain that the film won't be a mutant showcase either, like the X-Men movies that have come before. It really sounds like they're staying true to Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's 1982 Wolverine miniseries.

As CBM reports, Alice Krige is in talks to join the cast of Thor: The Dark World. Krige's most recognized work was in Star Trek: First Contact as the Borg Queen. So who could Alice be playing in November 2013 Thor sequel? My guess is either Hela or Enchantress, but those are shots in the dark... world. (I'm sorry; I couldn't resist). However, with Malekith already cast, his ultra-badass servant Kurse not yet mentioned, and Ulik seeming like a perfect fit for the film, one has to wonder how many villains can Marvel Studios shoehorn into The Dark World.

As reported earlier, speculation that FOX would trade Marvel their Fantastic Four license in exchange for an extension on its Daredevil license looks like gossip at best. Director Joe Carnahan, who was attached to FOX's Daredevil reboot, tweeted last night that things don't look too promising for ol' horn head at FOX. DD's license may revert back to Marvel Studios after all.

Video games:

The Joe Madureira-created video game Darksiders II, developed by Vigil and released through THQ, drops today on PS3, XBOX 360, and PC. You should probably go out and buy it. It looks fantastic.

Image Gallery:

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