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X3i - The Complete Series

By Christopher Moshier
November 5, 2006 - 00:47

X3i (Divinity):


The Premise - The characters that form the group X3i are individuals in a community of human beings, known as Rifes, who exhibit extraordinary abilities.  Each character possesses a power unique to him or her.  In its early stages, X3i was a “campaign” of sorts to create a community amongst these special members of the population; however, with the government and other external forces working against them, this new community becomes the world’s most elite fighting force.  The name X3i is of significance because in the initial campaign stages of the project, there were thirteen nationwide X3i headquarters.  The headquarters maintained by this group is located in a fictional city called Canaan.

The Series - The main focus of the X3i series was the beginning phases of X3i in the combat stages.  Coming into the story, the characters RIVEN, ARSYN, CARBON, and REIGN are all early registrants with the X3i project who are “called” into a sudden mission to prevent what could be a catastrophe for “progressive human” affairs.  ARSYN and CARBON enter the show as seasoned professionals, both having been former agents for the government in secret early Rife programs simply named Black Ops.  The details behind these Black Ops. Remain shrouded, probably due to mandatory secrecy or personal reasons.  It can be assumed that the characters were forced to do questionable things.  The characters of Riven and Reign are quite the opposite, both being combat novices.  What they do have in common is an extraordinary amount of potential, even more than most Rifes, in terms of their powers.  Reign is a very cautious and grounded character in these early episodes.  RIVEN is eager to jump into the field and test the limits of his abilities in ways that he has never had the opportunity.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the production on the X3i Series, meant to last through seven episodes, ended at four.  A second season, already with finalized scripts, was also scrapped due to time restraints.  The creators and production team decided, instead, to focus their efforts into a feature length film to tell the story of X3i and fill in any story gaps left by the missing episodes.

Here are the original four episodes for your viewing pleasure to give you a preview leading up to the new film:

Episode 1

Click on the "Play" Icon to watch Episode 1.

Episode 2: Fools Rush Out

Click on the "Play" Icon to watch Episode 2: Fools Rush Out.

Episode 3: The Messenger

Click on the "Play" Icon to watch Episode 3: The Messenger.

X3i Episode 4: Divide and Conquer

Click on the "Play" Icon to watch X3i Episode 4: Divide and Conquer.

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