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Meet the Cast of Divinity

By Christopher Moshier
November 5, 2006 - 01:02

X3i Character Bios:

Adonai: played by Dan Johnson

The enigmatic figure stemming from the very first episode of X3i the series where he was the unseen, unheard guide to X3i and the key to all of their resources.  He is a rife with the power to see the myriad possibilities of the future (Precognition) and he is not a foreigner to manipulating the powers of cause and effect.  He is the founder of X3i, the visionary of their cause, and a father to all of future humanity.

Arsyn (Jae Finley): played by co-creator and writer Alexander Randleman

A rife with the ability to ionize matter into plasma, the highly destructive fourth state of matter, and wield it in various ways.  He has exhibited creating explosive spheres, concussive and burning blasts, incinerating fields, and feats of temporary flight propulsion.  He is a veteran warrior with a jaded past, although his demeanor tends to understate these qualities with sarcasm and humor.  His most stand-out trait would be that he is a homosexual, which has been commented on in the show, but the character tends to divert the subject from that focus.  Despite his orientation or past, Arsyn is a born hero.

Azura: played Emily Ross

A rife with the ability to amplify and manipulate the electricity around her.  Azura was never content as a follower and later took control of her own team of rifes.  Her indifference toward the well being of others makes her a genuine femme fatale.

Carbon (Blake McCellan): played by Greg Kester

A rife with the ability to mentally create duplicates of himself, formerly limited to one, and even transfer his dominant consciousness between them.  It is unclear if Carbon’s present body is even his original.  The rapid creation and then un-creation of a duplicate can be used to simulate teleportation over very short distances.  Like Arsyn, he is a character with advanced combat experience and a jaded past that he chooses to leave in some mystery from others.  His forward morals, rigid attitude, and tactical thinking make him a natural leader, and sometimes, though rarely, his teammates see a more laidback and humored side of him outside of the field.  All of these qualities make Carbon unique on the team and the most “hero-like” of the heroes.

Demize: played by Katie Fisher

A rife whose powers are a complex manifestation of her internal will to be perfect, thus her physical appearance and skills have been altered to peak human, and she also possesses a psychic ability known as a charm factor that seduces men and bends them to her will.  Her charm factor protects her from external psychic harm, and it appears that her physical strength is continually increasing over time.  With more training, Demize could be the ultimate weapon- a combination of psychic and powerhouse.

Derring: played by A.J. Rickert-Epstein

A rife with the ability to manipulate the air molecules around him as wind or drastic changes in pressure.  He formerly worked for Paragon as a mercenary assassin, during which time he was presumed killed in battle.  Derring will make a return to fighting the team for other purposes, but maintaining his devilish wit and twisted demeanor.

Elegy: played by Nathaniel Augustson

He has the power to duplicate the nueralogical patterns of other rifes, in essence, mimicing their powers.  The extent to which he retains these powers is based on the amount of energy he exerts using them.  He has been a shadow figure in the rife community from the beginning, but his questionably shady nature has prevented him from forming the ideal partnerships that would have elevated his status in the community, as he so desperately craves.

Gnosis (Real Name Unknown): played by Yung Woo Hwang

A rife with two strange abilities: extraordinarily advanced senses and the ability to remove himself from the senses of others, essentially making himself invisible to human detection of any sort.  His powers, weapons, and combat expertise make him one of the most lethal close range combatants in the X3i world.

Khalif Savidge: played by Stephen Wolery

A rife whose evolution has acted on him in such a way to alter his physical body into a feral state.  His animalistic traits may or may not be directly responsible for his often crude and violent nature, although underneath that is a very human, although twisted, set of strict morals and cunning intelligence.  His intentions are usually cloudy or misunderstood, but his actions speak volumes about his naturally sadistic nature.  Khalif is content with being a hero as long as his goals are in sight.

Messenger (Kali Masden): played by Lauren Bailey and later on by Dea Brandenstein

A rife with the ability to create psychic connections with persons she is in physical contact with as a way to transfer thoughts and memories.  This power is called tactile telepathy.  As a warrior something akin to a Ronin Samurai, she often uses her ability to instantly learn her opponent’s thoughts, abilities, strategies, and weaknesses.  Her rebellious nature is coupled with a somewhat juvenile outlook making her a wildcard character.

Pneuma: played by Jaclyn Posner

She is the beautiful femme fatale and loyal follower of Adonai.  She is a rife with the ability to “lock” onto psychic signatures and then project a nigh-unavoidable and lethal burst of psychic energy that can cause excruciating pain and brain death.  The exact nature of her relationship with Adonai, or his plans for her future, is unknown.

Reign (Sara Tracen): played by Megan Greene

A rife with vast telepathic abilities ranging from thought reading, telepathic communication, astral projection, temporary possession, psychic tracking, and psychic possession.  Her abilities are weak when she is introduced in the series, but after a few episodes worth of training (months), she comes back with greater control and raw power.  Her connections to people have made her a grounded figure and a sensitive person, but she is not without a temper.  There exists a somewhat strange relationship between Carbon and herself that is spoken of, but never seemingly actualized on.  Reign’s lack of physical training and abilities can make her a liability in combat.

Remnant: played by Quinton White

A rife mercenary assassin whose psychic ability of psychometry allows him to access the "history" of persons and objects on contact.  This power makes him an ideal tracker and living security system.

Riven (Michael Pact): played by co-creator and director Christopher Clark Cowan

A rife with the ability to generate intense waves of vibration from his body which have seismic effects on the ground and other objects.  He enters the story as a new recruit, but his power potential and dedication make him a highly valued member.  As the story advances, Riven learns to utilize his powers in a variety of ways to become one of the most powerful and versatile members of X3i.  Riven’s stand out characteristics include a laidback personality and witty sense of humor, although at times he can be dangerously serious.

Brian Hubert has dual roles as characters Foster and Shire

Shire: The former assistant to Richard Galen who is deemed the prime candidate for heading the Scourge army. He is twisted, sadistic, and full of hate for all rifes. It is unclear how, but Shire is able to undergo extensive cybernetic procedures beyond what other scourge soldiers can survive. Perhaps his blind hatred is what has maintained him...or something else.

Foster: A rife and original in a line of clones which ultimately came to manifest the ultimate weapon known as Shire. Foster’s personal energies are augmented in such a way that he can use them to stimulate rapid cellular regeneration in himself and others. He has even been known to resurrect from death. His healing abilities are only limited to the amount of energy remaining in his reserves. As a result of Paragon experiments, Foster does possesses some cybernetic traits, although not to the extent of his Shire clone.

Solemn: played by Mike Liang

A rife telekinetic powerhouse, who has been the head of the God Hand since Adonai passed down command in order to pursue the establishment of X3i.  Solemn has led this team of mercenary assassins with quiet strength and wisdom, doing the “dirty work” for the greater good.

Unison: played by Aaron Epstein

A rife with the ability to produce highly destructive sound waves from his vocal cavity ala a sonic scream.  He is a new recruit featured in the X3i film and the epitome of the team jokester.  Though his power is impressive, it is hard to focus, and can be a possible danger to other teammates.

Usher: played by Joe Wood

A rife with the ability to teleport himself and others on an approximately city-wide scale.  His powers come into use for team travel an'd have been augmented by government technology with a monitoring system and bio-tracking “passport” system that allows him to scout for drop off locations, track team members and observe their vitals, and teleport as many people as frequently as needed without exhaustion.  His otherwise book smart, unimposing nature make him a non-combative team member.

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