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Time Bomb #2

By Leroy Douresseaux
September 14, 2010 - 14:38


The year is 2012, and the human race has 72 hours to live!  Why?  The Omega Bomb, a relic of Nazi Germany, was accidentally launched, unleashing a horrible virus.  This is Time Bomb, a science fiction comic book created and written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Power Girl) and drawn by Paul Gulacy.

Jack McCrea, team leader; Ken Weinhauser, tech-ops specialist; Peggy Medina, deadly science expert; and Christian Grainger, strategist are four specialists assigned by the New World Order to save the world.  They are sent back in time to the day before the bomb was discovered in an attempt to prevent the disaster.  They actually end up in the heart of Germany towards the end of World War II. 

Time Bomb #2 finds the time-displaced quartet fighting its way to Berlin.  The team splits up, with some playing spy.  However, the sinister creator of the Omega Bomb himself – Axel Von Metzger, The Butcher, is alerted to their presence.

THE LOWDOWN:  If you read that the website, Ain’t it Cool News, called Time Bomb “pure gold,” and you wonder if it is hyperbole, it really isn’t.  Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have composed a tightly-plotted, efficiently scripted science fiction action-adventure that is spellbinding.  I think the best way to describe Time Bomb is as a suspense thriller.  Palmiotti and Gray have placed their protagonists in a snake pit, and every page is fraught with peril because you never know when or if the heroes are going to get caught or killed.

I do have a quibble about the characters.  They are not particularly well-developed; they’re almost stock characters.  Not much makes them stand out from one another.  If Peggy weren’t a ball-busting, independent chick and Christian a sarcastic black guy, they’d seem like cogs.  If not for different hair color, I couldn’t tell Jack McCrea and Ken Weinhauser apart.  My quibble aside, I love this gripping series.

POSSIBLE AUDIENCE:  Readers looking for thrillers that are on the razor’s edge will love ‘em Time Bomb.



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