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Time Bomb

By Stacy Buck
May 16, 2011 - 23:10

A group of international scientists and archaeologists on a publicly funded dig discover a hidden city beneath the streets of Berlin. Constructed as a fail safe option for the Nazi party should they lose the war, the city is home to Hitler’s ultimate doomsday weapon – an omega bomb designed to wipe out the human race – and it’s just been activated. Now, a crew of scientists with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment must travel back in time 24 hours before the disaster to stop the bomb from going off. However, they soon discover that rather than going back in time 24 hours as they intended, they’ve been sent back 65 years to the height of Hitler’s Germany.

Timebomb really stands out from the rest of the Radical Comics library. The art work has a very different look from what you would expect from them. The storyline is compelling and action packed. Justin and Jimmy do a great job making you feel for the characters lives and you feel their suspense when the storyline takes any of its numerous twists and turns. I found myself believing in their world and the idea of traveling back in time seemed flawless. The level of detail is just that perfect amount to make you believe that you can power a time machine with an atomic bomb without taking you out of the story. The use of the page layouts in this book is excellent and the amount of action packed into each panel is amazing. For the amount of dialogue included in this book, you never once find yourself dragging during the read.

Paul does a great job of depicting war torn Germany. The backgrounds of the underground bunker, concentration camp, and a snow covered Berlin are excellent. The little details are especially impressive, from the snowflakes to the rockets, everything looks spot on.
The book is rated for mature readers and there is a lot of violence, explosions, and things even get a little sexy at one point. I wouldn’t let a younger teen read it, but a mature 15 year old could handle it. If you’re looking for a good adult action packed comic, this is for you.
I give it a 7.5/10 Buy, Read, Bag, Board

Rating: 7.5 /10

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