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IDW Announces Second Printing for "Infestation" #1

By The Editor
Jan 28, 2011 - 4:34

IDW Publishing is excited to announce that INFESTATION #1 has sold out! Setting the stage for the company’s massive INFESTATION event, IDW is rushing a second printing of this debut issue to stores. INFESTATION #1 kicks off an epic adventure that invades Star Trek, Ghostbusters, TRANSFORMERS, and G.I. JOE  comics with hordes of zombies and infected robots. Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (The Thanos Imperative, Legion of Super-Heroes) and illustrated by David Messina (True Blood), INFESTATION #1 starts the multi-title event with a bang, and never lets up. To meet the continued demand and ensure readers can get in on the brain-eating action, the second printing of INFESTATION #1 will be in stores on February 16th, and readers should check availability with their local store.

“The response to INFESTATION has completely exceeded our expectations,” said Chris Ryall, IDW Chief Creative Officer and Editor in Chief. “This project has been in the works for years and it’s very regarding for all of us at IDW to see it getting such a positive response.”

This initial 32-page INFESTATION story begins in IDW’s own ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS universe, where something goes terribly wrong and ultimately infests the worlds of TRANSFORMERS, STAR TREK, G.I. JOE, and GHOSTBUSTERS. From there, the story spins ferociously into each of the four properties throughout February and March, and culminates in April’s bombastic finale, INFESTATION #2.

In February, TRANSFORMERS: INFESTATION #1 and #2 and STAR TREK: INFESTATION #1 and #2 will ship bi-weekly. The TRANSFORMERS title will also be penned by Abnett and Lanning, with fan-favorite Nick Roche handling the art. STAR TREK: INFESTATION will be written by mainstay writers Scott and David Tipton and illustrated by Gary Erskine (Dan Dare) and Casey Maloney (Zipper).

March will see the release of the bi-weekly G.I. JOE: INFESTATION #1 and #2 by writer Mike Raicht and artist Giovanni Timpano, as well as GHOSTBUSTERS: INFESTATION #1 and #2 by Erik Burnham (The A-Team: War Stories) and Kyle Hotz (Marvel Zombies).

Artist John K. Snyder III (Phoenix Without Ashes) will provide covers for the two INFESTATION issues, as well as 1950s sci-fi film-inspired images for each of the four involved series.

INFESTATION #1, 2nd printing ($3.99, 40 pages, full color) will be available in stores on February 16, 2011. Diamond order code DEC10 8147.

TRANSFORMERS: INFESTATION #1 and #2 (each: $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be in stores on February 2 and 16, 2011, respectively. Diamond order codes DEC10 0337 and DEC10 0340.

STAR TREK: INFESTATION #1 and #2 (each: $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be in stores on February 9 and 23, 2011, respectively. Diamond order codes DEC10 0332 and DEC10 03335.

G.I. JOE: INFESTATION #1 and #2 (each: $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be in stores on March 2 and 16, 2011, respectively. Diamond order codes JAN11 0472 and JAN11 0475.

GHOSTBUSTERS: INFESTATION #1 and #2 (each: $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be in stores on March 9 and 23, 2011, respectively. Diamond order codes JAN11 0467 and JAN11 0470.

INFESTATION #2 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores on April 6, 2011. Diamond order code FEB11 0291.

Visit to learn more about the company and its top-selling books.

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Yeah I have mixed feelings about this infestation of zombies that IDW is bringing out. On the one hand one can picture zombies fighting against GIJOE or even the Ghostbusters, but against Transformers? Seriously? Do the Transformers turn into some kind of undead creatures? But doesn't that go against the whole being undead thing? I really get the impression that IDW is jumping on the Walking Dead bandwagon in trying to drum up attention for their series through this Infestation idea. It's original in some sense because there haven't been zombies in these story lines, but at the same time it's not original because zombies have been done to death. My thoughts are, so what? As readers what do we really get out of this? There isn't going to be long continuity, so far IDW has only mentioned two issues for each of the series that are going to be "infested". At the end of each of these issues there's going to be something that saves the world and prevents infestation and ends the series so that we no longer have to buy them. I'm sure these issues will be funny and have great art in them, but for those of us who enjoy a longer arc story, such a thing will not be found here.
#1 - Tao Mori - 01/28/2011 - 22:49

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