ComicBookBin 1.5.2 for webOS Published
By Hervé St-Louis
August 18, 2010 - 09:27

There was a small annoyance in the ComicBookBin 1.5 app we released last week for Palm webOS devices. In the notifications, it kept adding more an more articles unread even if the app was launched. We caught that one just after submitting it to Palm. We tried to cancel it but it was too late. Then, we pushed 1.5.1, but there was another small bug which is now corrected in 1.5.2. So we did manage to cancel the submission of 1.5.1 this time.

So ComicBookBin 1.5.2 is the right version to download and is available in the app Catalog as of this morning. This is the one we're proud to have webOS users download and use.


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