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ComicBookBin 1.0 for webOS
By The Editor
August 10, 2010 - 21:30

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Filling you in since 2002, ComicBookBin 1.0 is your comic book industry utility app. Read and search over 10,000 articles from The Comic Book Bin, including news, reviews, feature essays, interviews and more about comic books, action figures, movies and books. Exclusively to the ComicBookBin app, browse through a frequently updated list of comic book conventions and scheduled events within conventions that you can attend and add them to your webOS calendar app. But wait there's more. ComicBookBin finds comic book stores in your area and display their location on a map. You can also find comic book stores in multiple locations and plan your future visits there. Thank you for supporting the comic book industry.


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Thank you for supporting the comic book industry.

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