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James Kochalka: Super F*ckers #4
By Leroy Douresseaux
April 10, 2007 - 13:52

Top Shelf Productions
Writer(s): James Kochalka

In the previous issue, the universe was destroyed, now, as Super F*ckers #4 opens, we learn that Vortex saved the day and recreated the universe - but with small changes.  What are the changes?  He isn't saying, but surely the changes must have been to his advantage.  Orange Lightning returns from the dead - thanks in no small part to his fan club, Team Lightning, but Orange is such an ungrateful prick.  Princess Sunshine continues her intimate relationship with Grotus, but, girl, is it real?  And what's up with Jack Krak?

If someone mixed Teen Titans with such movies as Porky's, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and American Pie, he might come within spitting distance of the superheroes as super-powered teen jerks comic book, Super F*ckers.  As an alt-comix and indie comics creator, James Kochalka has created one the most distinctive and diverse libraries of comix and graphic novels over the last decade.  He always manages to surprise and delight, but with Super F*ckers, Kochalka shocks.

It's a good shock, though.  Most teenagers with superpowers would drink, abuse drugs, and have all the sex that their powers would make available to them.  Kochalka simply makes what is scary, flat-out funny, and Super F*ckers should make any shortlist of best superhero comics.


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