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By Leroy Douresseaux
December 31, 2005 - 15:22

Top Shelf Productions
Writer(s): James Kolchaka
Penciller(s): James Kolchaka
Cover Artist(s): James Kolchaka


In James Kolchaka’s SUPER F*CKERS, super heroes in their teens and early 20’s act the way many young people, who were born after 1980, act: selfish, spoiled, and sometimes amoral – not at all heroic. Issue 2 of the funny, edgy, and downright rebellious comedy series finds self-centered Super Dan and his super underling, Percy trapped in Dimension Zero. The place pleases Dan, who finds that it invigorates his invulnerable body, but Percy, who is quite vulnerable, finds that the place is physically tearing him apart. Meanwhile, back on earth, the other members of the super brat pack are fighting amongst themselves, and one converts to Christianity.

Kolchaka’s style is simple, and he draws his characters in a kind of rubbery fashion that suggests bendable action figures. He is a master who can take a few squiggly lines and create the most evocative faces. Best of all, Super F*ckers, like much of Kolchaka’s work, is just plain funny and hilariously vulgar. Although dressed in superhero garb, Super F*ckers is some of the best social satire being done today – regardless of medium.

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