DC Comics
Identity Crisis #5
By Koppy McFad
November 4, 2004 - 13:27

DC Comics
Writer(s): Brad Meltzer
Penciller(s): Rags Morales, Michael Bair
Cover Artist(s): Michael Turner

The superheroes go after the supervillains in a series of confrontations that show how high the stakes have become after the attacks on their families. But instead of revealing any answers, this proactive stance merely results in more casualties. And it doesn't stop the killer (or killers) from striking again. While the identity of the latest victims may surprise no one, the identity of the killer and the way the murder is carried out, are truly unexpected. Meltzer and Morales excel in staging both the metahuman fight scenes and conveying the sense of suspense and terror before the killings. And while they answer some questions, they also deepen the mystery behind this new conspiracy. It is doubtful that the climax of this story can live up to what has come before, especially after such a complex and suspense-filled build-up but so far, this miniseries has defintely left the readers on the edge of their seats, panting for the next issue to arrive.

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