DC Comics
Identity Crisis #7
By Koncise
December 17, 2004 - 06:41

DC Comics
Writer(s): Brad Meltzer
Penciller(s): Rags Morales
Inker(s): Michael Bair
Cover Artist(s): Michael Turner

Well, here are my two cents. Some minor spoilers follow: The conclusion to this seven-issue miniseries, while moving and powerful, is still rather disappointing. There is no gigantic confrontation between the perpetrator(s) and the heroes, no showdown, smackdown or throw-down. Just the shock of revelation as the mystery villain spills the beans. Those wanting to get some closure-- or at least see some physical payback for the murders, will be left howling in frustration.

Meltzer has given the DC heroes reason to re-examine their lives and their relationships with their loved ones and each other. But he hasn't given us the climax he was building up to for six issues. We learn more about the DC heroes than we've known in years but the creative team should have still made sure that the ending would be more dramatic, even if it meant adding ten more pages and increasing the cost of the book.
Morales and Bair however turn in a great job. They manage to wring suspense and pathos out of a panel, showing a character just sitting there. There are some great facial expressions here. 

No, I don't think this will be remembered alongside KINGDOM COME or WATCHMEN, but it is still a tooting good read. It just misses greatness by that much....

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