DC Comics
Hawkgirl # 52
By Koppy McFad
June 3, 2006 - 04:26

DC Comics
Writer(s): Walter Simonson
Penciller(s): Howard Chaykin
Inker(s): Howard Chaykin
Cover Artist(s): Howard Chaykin

Highlights: Hawkgirl battles gangsters and has more enigmatic nightmares. Kendra is seen in her lingerie again. She also looks real good, all dressed up for a party in the same issue. The story is rather slow in unfolding with less focus on Hawkgirl and more focus on her alter-ego. One might even mistake this issue for a copy of "Kendra After Dark." Sadly, while both Simonson and Chaykin are old school writers-- see the use of thought balloons in this story-- they are also apparently writing for the inevitable trade-paperback. This is obviously just one chapter in a larger story and not enough effort is exerted to make individual issues very exciting. Still, Kendra is turning out to be one of the more engaging female characters in superhero-comics. She may be troubled but she isn't whiney or depressive. Now if we could only see her using her mace more often rather than her daring fashion sense.

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