DC Comics
Hawkgirl # 51
By Koppy McFad
April 29, 2006 - 05:12

DC Comics
Writer(s): Walt Simonson
Penciller(s): Howard Chaykin
Inker(s): Howard Chaykin
Cover Artist(s): Howard Chaykin

ANOTHER DREAM SEQUENCE? Someone should warn comic writers that if they overuse this old trick, people will start thinking that what happens in their stories has no real consequence. "Its just a dream sequence," they'll say. Hawkgirl is trying to unravel a mystery about a series of unsolved murders in St. Roch. In the process, she runs into a murderous zombie-- um, didn't we have killer zombies in this comic barely a year ago? The story is still slow in unfolding but at least the characters are interesting enough to keep our attention. Chaykin's art is rather uneven however. He does a great job drawing Kendra in her lingerie but the action sequences need more work. Hawkgirl often looks so stiff and posed. Maybe she should start going into action in her lingerie.

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