DC Comics
Hawkgirl # 50
By Koppy McFad
March 25, 2006 - 04:06

DC Comics
Writer(s): Walt Simonson
Penciller(s): Howard Chaykin
Inker(s): Howard Chaykin
Cover Artist(s): Howard Chaykin

Old school is back! Well some old schoolers are back as we can see both Wolfman and Simonson using thought balloons in their stories this month. Amazingly, Simonson manages to tell a serviceable story in this issue even while keeping the wraps on what happened to Hawkman and company in the pages of INFINITE CRISIS and the forthcoming "52." More amazingly, he makes use of the established supporting characters and setting instead of bringing in some pet characters he has had on the drawing board for the past six years. The comic starts off a bit slow however as this is more of a mystery story rather than an action piece. It also relies on a rash of unsolved murders and some hidden history of St. Roch-- a device that was already used in the recent "Headhunter" arc. It is very moody and mysterious but also drags a bit. Hopefully, we will see more action and variation in future issues. Chaykin's art is a bit hard to get used to. He has virtually redesigned Hawkgirl's helmet and has apparently redesigned her breasts and nipples as well. But the weird part are his human faces. In close-ups, many of the characters inexplicably develop a fold on their face that shouldn't be there. What's up with that?

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