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Three Covers for Red Sonja #33 Event
By The Editor
February 18, 2008 - 04:31

Ken Kelly cover


April Continues Dynamite All Star Event

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT released images and information today concerning the April release of Red Sonja #33 and the next BIG Red Sonja event that features five dynamite all star writers creating a tale leading into the next big storyline! For issue #33, Dynamite has Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom writer Luke Lieberman joined by Red Sonja artist the sensational Homs!

Red Sonja #33 continues Sonja's journey down the river Styx! Here, at the command of Charon, she faces her greatest set of foes - those she has killed in battle over the many years! The issue will be available with three exciting covers, including the main cover from the fantasy master - Ken Kelly, along with two stunning pieces, one by Adriano Batista and the other by Fabiano Neves!

Beginning with issue #30, Red Sonja is featuring a new, different and special creative team each and every month as the she-devil heads towards issue #35. Each issue in this special event is a great jumping on point for new readers! The special event includes the pairings of Christos Gage with one of the most extraordinary artists of Marvel's Golden Age of horror, Pablo Marcos! Ron Marz and artist Lee Moder! Red Sonja veterans Luke Lieberman and Homs! And the return of Mel Rubi with new series writer Brian Reed!

"I am always trying to dig and explore Sonja's psyche - This is Red Sonja through the looking glass."-- Red Sonja #30 and Sword of Red Sonja: Doom of the Gods writer, Luke Lieberman.

RED SONJA #33 (FEB083636) Writer: LUKE LIEBERMAN; Penciller: HOMS; Covers: KEN KELLY (50%), ADRIANO BATISTA (25%) and FABIANO NEVES (25%)


For art and more information please visit: [LINK:]

Dynamite plans to have incredible support for this release with house ads, Diamond Previews Ads, online ads through news websites, as well as prints ads in Comic Shop News!


Adriano Batista cover















Fabiano Neves cover
















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Three Covers for Red Sonja #33 Event
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