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Red Sonja: Monster Isle
By Jonathan Mills
October 8, 2006 - 02:03

Dynamite Entertainment
Writer(s): Roy Thomas
Penciller(s): Pablo Marcos
Cover Artist(s): Pablo Marcos & Cliff Chiang


This time they've dropped Sonja smack dab in the middle of "Monster Island!" - filled with deformed men, beasts and creatures of all shapes and sizes!

Red Sonja: Monster Isle is a One Shot from DYNAMITE, who of course, also handle's the Monthly Series. Before I even start this review, let me point out that i'm a huge Red Sonja fan, so i'm going to be alittle biased here as I have a fond history with the Character. With that said, this One Shot is friggin awesome. The story start's off with Sonja stranded on a beach, flashback's showing you the event's of how she ended up their. Thing's get pretty strange from their on in. I wouldn't recommend this comic to introduce someone to the Red Sonja series, because of it's Uneque setting and different art style, it make's for a slightly different experience then the actual series. In fact, this Comic has sort of a "Bizarro" world feel to it, you know it's a Red Sonja Comic, but the little differences, from it's Art, to it's setting, make's it slightly strange for anyone who read's the Red Sonja series regularly.

Monster Isle is something that fans of Red Sonja will be eating up, and for good reason, strong story, art and a different atmosphere make for a uneque and very satisfying experience.
Two thumbs up!

9 out of 10

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