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The Binquirer, July 30 Edition, Part 2: Gillen and Land on Iron Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Deadshot in Arrow, and much more!
By Dan Horn
July 30, 2012 - 13:13

Marvel Comics:

Marvel teased that writer extraordinaire Kieron Gillen and virtuosic artist Greg Land will be taking on the new Invincible Iron Man title spinning out of the Marvel NOW! publication initiative this Fall.

Film and Television:

The Dark Knight Rises closes out another big week with an approximate $65 million gross. After its $160 million opening weekend in the U.S., this brings the total gross for the film to $500 million worldwide.

The upcoming animated Batman television show entitled Beware the Batman will be going back to the drawing board in some capacity to edit out realistic firearms in light of the Aurora, CO, shooting.

The infamous baddie Deadshot will in fact be showing up in CW's TV series Arrow to match wits and firepower with the eponymous vigilante.

Deadline reports that a live-action Avengers TV series is in negotiation and conceptualization phases between Marvel and ABC. The series won't follow the Avengers directly, but will be set in Joss Whedon's on-film Marvel Universe, and may take the form of a sci-fi police procedural.

Edgar Wright's Ant Man, as reported by Latino Review, is set to begin shooting in August as principle photography for Thor 2: The Dark World wraps. This means we could see Ant Man in theaters as seen as 2014, alongside Captain America 2: Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy!

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