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Binquirer May 28 2014
By Hervé St-Louis
May 28, 2014 - 10:16

More Comics

Dry Spell
Ken Krekeler releases the first issues of his comic book Dry Spell today through Action Lab. In Dry Spell #1, desk-bound Tom Ferris gets a chance to go out a cape and a mask like many other costumed folks. This series is for mature readers only. Find it in local comic book stores.

Digital & Web Comics

Japan-based Sequential released its iPad Sequential app allowing users to read graphic novels. You will find comics by the likes of Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, and Jaime Hernandez. The app also has audio commentaries.  Some of the comics are free. Find Sequential in iTunes.

Woody After Hours
If you like late night television, be sure to check Ben Carter and Paul Westover’s WAH – Woody After Hours Web comic. It’s the story of Woody, the host of WAH and his attempts at turning around his late night television show. You may recognize Paul Westover’s work from the comic book industry parody Gutters.

Stop Paying Attention
Stop Paying Attention is a reflective Web comic by Lucy Knisley that has been around since 2009. Its odd how such good material often falls off the radar. Anyway, Knisley draws this comic where she analyzes her life and her struggles. It’s a bit neurotic but the artwork is entertaining.

LGBT Comics

Before You Go
Denise Schroeder has published Before You Go her first story about a lesbian couple. You can find it in Sparkler Monthly, a paid digital magazine featuring LGBT comics.

Another Lesbian-themed comic is Curvy by Sylvan Migdal. Curvy is the story of a girl who stumbles upon the Lying Princess of Candy World. It sounds mad but it’s fun to read. Follow the Web comic here.


The Wicked Witch from Sleeping Beauty gets an origin story. The Disney blockbuster production finally gives her a backstory. Angelina Jolie plays Maleficent with prosthetic high cheek bones not included. Maleficent comes to theatres on May 29th 2014 with a 3D version.

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