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The Binquirer, August 1: Waid and Yu on Hulk, Wes Craven's Coming of Rage, Alan Moore's Unearthing, and much more!
By Dan Horn
August 1, 2012 - 17:10

DC Comics:

DC's been quiet lately... too quiet. The only thing really going on here is the big "Rotworld" crossover between Animal Man and Swamp Thing. The prologue to "Rotworld" is featured in this week's issue of Swamp Thing and the prelude is in this week's Animal Man. What's the difference? You got me.

As far as publishing goes, DC has contacted retailers and alerted them to another delay for Batman Incorporated, this time for issue #4, which will see a two month delay to October. Batman Inc #3, slated for release last Wednesday, is currently on retailer hold until August 22, but you can get your hands on a copy pretty easily.

Marvel Comics:

In this age of "journalism," where we log into our Twitter accounts and call it investigative, Bleeding Cool broke news of a preemptive tweet congratulating Mark Waid on being assigned to the Incredible Hulk title spinning out of Marvel NOW! in November. The report was confirmed by an "exclusive" story at CBR today. Prolific and award-winning writer Mark Waid will be joined by fan-favorite artist Leinil Francis Yu. If Waid's involved, you've got my readership guaranteed, Marvel.

More Comics:

broke news that renowned horror film director Wes Craven will be teaming up with renowned horror comic writer Steve Niles for a new comic book series entitled Coming of Rage, which will come out in 2013 from Liquid Comics.

Legendary comic scribe Alan Moore is releasing a new work, and it's not what you'd expect, if you were expecting more of the same old thing that is. Unearthing is a book that mixes prose, London history, photography, and more into what's sure to be at the very least a spellbinding read. The book will be published in a paperback, hardcover, and collector's edition by Top Shelf in December.

Film and Television:

You may remember that AT&T and DISH Network were having a dispute with several cable channels, including AMC. While AT&T was able to negotiate an agreement with those channels, the satellite TV provider DISH was not. To protest the non-renewal of AMC, which airs Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and of course The Walking Dead, demonstrators staged a fake zombie apocalypse in New York. Way to trivialize your First Amendment rights, guys! Better idea? Switch to Direct TV.

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