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More Literary Classics Juliet and Dorian Gray Join Bluewater’s Roster
By The Editor
March 29, 2012 - 08:24

With the success of classic titles such as “Quartermain” & “Sherlock Holmes” selling out, Bluewater is expanding into new territory with two more classic literature characters Shakespeare’s Juliet and Dorian Gray.  Coming this summer are two new series.

Juliet, a young woman frozen in time by ancient magics, is woken in a strange and modern world. As she struggles to reclaim who she once was, she must contend with over 500 years of cultural change. New friends, a new career, and a budding romance are all threatened by a secret organization, and it monsters, intent on destroying her. Is the only chance she has of saving herself is a love from her past who may be the biggest monster of them all? Can Juliet free herself from the burdens of her world and become a hero? Or is the most tragic love story of all time doomed to repeat itself?

“Juliet” #1 is out in stores in June written by Zach Hunchar (Insane Jane) and newcomer Ethan Wright. Wright will be doing both the interiors and covers for the title.

"This was an exciting opportunity for several reasons," began writer Zachary Hunchar. "World-build is always a fun challenge, and Juliet was no different given the possibilities involving such a rich and strong character. Then, being able to work with talented artist as Ethan Wright exponentially improves the experience.

“Dorian Gray” is another updated take from Bluewater based on the classic horror novel by Oscar Wilde.  “Dorian Gray “#1 is out in July and written by Darren G. Davis & Scott Davis (Wrath of the Titans/ Blackbeard Legacy) Federico De Luca (John Saul’s: God Project). De Luca will be doing both the interiors and covers for the title.

The Grays are a cursed family. Dorian Gray IV, the last of his line, struggles with the realization that his personal demons are exactly that…a supernatural force that plagues not only the Grays but many of society’s wealthiest families. Convinced his redemption is only secured through ridding the city of demons called the Morbi, Dorian launches an ongoing crusade for his soul.

“I really love this character and these stories. There is everything I like to read in a comics and everything I like to draw too! “Said artist Federico De Luca

"I have had these projects in my mind for years and now finally able to get them out is a dream come true.  I have had a lot of success with reestablishing classic characters such as the Muses in “10th Muse” as well as “Legend of Isis” said Darren G. Davis creator of both series".

Bluewater also created a series called "Wrath of the Titans" and worked with Warner Bros for the film release this week.  The graphic novels for these are available now.

The graphic novels for Sherlock and Quatermain will be out in late 2012. But single issues are still available at comic book stores: To find a comic book store near you go to download one of the ComicBookBin apps.

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More Literary Classics Juliet and Dorian Gray Join Bluewater’s Roster
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