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September 2012 BlueWater Comics
By The Editor
June 25, 2012 - 14:04

VSS: Russian Roulette #1
Writers: CW Cooke
Pencils: Scott J Larson
Cover Artist(s): Scott J Larson
Come meet the gang. New faces have joined the Service and you can get the info drop here! Also, in this the first issue of a new 4 issue mini-series from the hit VSS, one of their own is kidnapped behind enemy lines and the girls have to go undercover to save her!

Vincent Price: Tales from Darkness #1
Writers:  Stefano Cardoselli and Stephen Nelson
Pencils:  Stefano Cardoselli
Cover Artist(s):  L.J. Dopp
A brand new mini series featuring the master of horror.  My government is a kleptocracy, moderated by violence.  My city is a sinking ship…all the waters of the world’s corruption flowing into her, filling her belly, dragging her down into darkness and nothing.  They say the law doesn’t matter anymore.  That it exists only to preserve the powers and the position of a lawless few. 

Soldier’s Of Fortune Magazine Presents: Stealth #4
Writers: Marc Shapiro
Pencils: Steven Black
Cover Artist(s): 1 COVER :  Steven Black
STEALTH discovers the missing nuke...Just as it is launched, headed for target (or targets) unknown. A neck and neck race plays out in real time in the skys. Countries of the world are poised for nuclear annihilation. Even if we win...We lose. See how it plays out in Countdown To Extinction, the final chapter of the beginning of the Soldiers Of Fortune saga. Written by New York Times Bestselling Author Marc Shapiro. It's too late to duck and cover.

Mystery Jets: RADLANDS
Writers: The Mystery Jets & Richard Elms
Pencils: V. Kenneth Marion
Cover Artist(s): Glenn Fabry (DC COMICS Preacher)
In the summer of 2010, British band ‘Mystery Jets’ moved to Austin Texas to write and record their fourth album. As the songs started to come together, a narrative also started to form and ‘Radlands’ began to sound like a concept record. They approached upcoming British writer Richard Elms to set the story in comic form and The Ballad of Emmerson Lonestar came to life. The story of a wondering musician, to long on the road, just barley scraping by from gig to gig and longing for his lost childhood sweetheart. This Comic is the first part of his story and the beginning of the musical journey ‘Radlands.’

ORBIT:  The origin of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Writers: Jon Judy
Pencils: Onofrio Orlando
Cover Artist(s): Onofrio Orlando
Everyone knows that Superman came from Krypton, but he also came from the minds of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Taken for a ride by shady businessmen, they were eventually rescued by the fandom they helped start. Here’s the story of these Clevelanders who created a world, changing ours forever.

Juliet #4
Writers: Zach Hunchar
Pencils: Ethan Wright
In the exciting conclusion of Juliet's first adventure, a super-powered army has made it's move against her and only her greatest love might turn the tides. Truths are learned and a grand destiny is revealed. Is time running out for our immortal heroine?
Cover Artist(s): Ethan Wright

It Came From Beneath the Sea…Again #4
Writer: Clay and Susan Griffith
Pencils: Chris Noeth and Todd Tennant
Cover Artist(s):  1 covers : Chris Noeth
The final issue of the mini series from the cult film!

Dorian Gray #3
Writers: Darren G. Davis & Scott Davis
Pencils: Federico De Luca
Cover Artist(s): Federico De Luca
Dorian is up for the fight of his life when Basil is off to get his revenge.  All of this plus high school finals. 

Writers: Leon McKenzie and Edward Gross
Pencils: Tsubasa Yozora
Cover Artist(s): COVER :  Tsubasa Yozora
Adam West has almost gotten used to the idea of traveling across time and fictional dimensions, but what happens when those different dimensions come together around him? And in the process, bring together the most unique team of heroes EVER assembled, whose members include Dirk Benedict, Julie Newmar, and some secret new super friends.  Their mission: to save the universe from imploding... and figure out the mind bending truth behind Adam's mis-adventures!

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