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The Lone Ranger Meets the Green Hornet: Champions of Justice #1 (OF 6)
By Kevin Scott
Jul 20, 2016 - 19:25

Dynamite Entertainment
Writer(s): Michael Uslan
Penciller(s): Giovanni Timpano
Colourist(s): Pete Pantazis
Letterer(s): Troy Peteri
Cover Artist(s): John Cassaday

This has been billed as a crossover 80 years in the making where we learn what happened to The Lone Ranger and discover his familial link to the emergence of a man who is a modern day urban version of himself.

From the first issue we do get some of this, we find out a little of what the Lone Ranger has been doing. As well as meeting the alter ego of the Green Hornet. The story does take a while to kick into gear though and the device to bring our two main characters together is a tad clunky. This is reflected in some of the dialogue, which is rather stilted in places.

The art has a nice feel to it, especially the splash pages and larger panel. This is where we really see Giovanni Timpano do his best work. it is the smaller panels that can be a letdown, as the line work gets a little flat and expressions slightly wooden. Pete Pantazis’ colouring work really helps bring this book to life and gives it the extra depth it needs.

Although it did take a while for this story to come to life and there were ups & downs along the way, I’d say there was enough here to have you at least try the next issue.

Rating: C-/10

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