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Lone Ranger Comic Book
By The Editor
December 25, 2005 - 20:20

Writer Brett Matthews and artist John Cassaday have been attached to Dynamite Entertainment’s Lone Ranger comic book series.

"We've been working on this for quite a while, because we have to get this just right," explained Dynamite Spokesperson J. Allen. "After all, The Lone Ranger is THE archetype of the modern superhero, he is THE definition of 'Americana,' a crusader for truth, justice and the American way. With all that in mind, our series has to be both faithful to the true essence of the character while creating exciting new situations for him, and we've found two guys to do just that."

Brett Matthews (Firefly) will serve as series writer, while John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men) will be providing the yet-to-be-finalized series artist with art direction, and oversee the art on The Lone Ranger's world as well as the ONLY cover artist.

Brett Matthews states: "What interests me is that people tend to know elements of The Lone Ranger -- the mask, the white horse, the silver bullets, the faithful Indian companion -- but not where those elements came from. I want to see these things happen, and within the bounds of a turbulent and very specific period in American history. The Lone Ranger is first and foremost a Western, and I want to get back to that and explore what that means. I want to remind fathers why their boyhood hero was the Lone Ranger, and show their kids why that's cool."

Cassaday continues and says that, "The Lone Ranger is an icon close to my heart, I'm looking forward to seeing the legend return in style. The knee-jerk reaction from the general populace is that of a masked boy scout, but a second look reveals an unrelenting enigma. What is widely known about the Lone Ranger's past would fit inside a thimble. Locked away and hidden, his story is one of our most mysterious and misunderstood. We're cracking open the dusty book of battle scar secrets, revenge and an empty grave."

Since the debut of his pioneering radio show on WXYZ Detroit in 1933, The Lone Ranger has captured the hearts and imaginations of generations of loyal fans. With his faithful companion Tonto, his silver bullets and his unwavering code of honor, this American icon has become an international symbol of truth and justice.

The successful radio series, created by George W. Trendle and writer Fran Striker, ran for an amazing 2,956 episodes and inspired numerous comic books, two movie serials, books, a live action TV series (1949 - 1957) starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, as well as a Saturday morning animated series. The masked hero is set to ride onto the silver screen once again in 2007 with an all-new live action theatrical film.