DC Comics
Review: Green Arrow #36
By Philip Schweier
January 3, 2018 - 15:26

DC Comics
Writer(s): Benjamin Percy
Artist(s): Juan Ferreyra
Letterer(s): Deron Bennett
Cover Artist(s): Juan Ferreyra

Oliver Queen is in trouble. Abandoned at the bottom of the ocean by his mother, and no one knows where he his. Really, is that stupid and trusting? Apparently so, something I’ve seen in too many DC characters lately. They seem willing to take matters in faith, without any precaution should their openness somehow go sideways.

Thankfully, Oliver has Black Canary to come to his rescue. Like any worried girlfriend, as soon as Ollie is back on his feet, she’s going to deck him. Speaking of decks, this just brings an all-hands-on-deck of Team Arrow, including the newly christened Red Arrow. But how long can that last?

Like I said, I’m a little fed up with the DC heroes altruistic nature putting them on the fast track to an early grave. I’d really love to see a hero show some balls and look at the person who’s about to betray him or her, and say, “No. Find your own way, without me.”

I realize that may diminish the story some, that perhaps without the betrayal there would be no story. But hey, how good of a story can it be if it hinges on one over-used gimmick? Do these guys not read each other’s material? Do they ever compare notes? Don’t the editors ever have a sit-down to make sure some of the titles aren’t mirroring one another’s narratives?

Rating: 5/10*

*My worst rating; completely neutral. It’s neither an emotion-fueled 0 nor a a passionate 10. It’s just “meh.”

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