DC Comics
Review: Green Arrow #35
By Philip Schweier
December 29, 2017 - 15:39

DC Comics
Writer(s): Benjamin Percy
Artist(s): Juan Ferreyra
Letterer(s): Deron Bennett
Cover Artist(s): Juan Ferreyra; Mike Grell

Oliver waxes philosophical about his mortality, his morality, and his personal history while plumbing the depths of the ocean in search of the Inferno. The ship is one of the Ninth Circle’s many mobile banks, which Green Arrow sank several issues back. It holds the key for him to regain his fortune, reclaim his reputation, and legally resurrect his mother.

Moira Queen has seemingly returned from the dead, but as a card-carrying member of the Ninth Circle, it is unlikely she can be trusted. Still, she’s Ollie’s mom, and his hope springs eternal…for now. Fortunately, he has Black Canary watching his back.

Juan Ferreyra returns to the drawing board this issue. I’m unable to say how long he’s been absent, as I’ve been away for a while myself. But I appreciate seeing his name alongside that of Benjamin Percy, as the two have been working on Green Arrow (off and on) since issue #3. These days, a commitment like that is rare and admirable.

I’m often accused of being a grumpy old man who long for comics to be as they were in my childhood. I won’t argue, but this issue does feature Green Arrow, in full costume and mask, piloting a submersible. I’m uncertain who he expects to encounter beneath the sea that he feels the need to hide his identity. But like Ferreyra’s long-term commitment, I find such silliness both campy and comforting.

Rating: 8/10

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