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Fear Agent Volume Two: My War
By Hervé St-Louis
July 5, 2007 - 01:27

Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s): Rick Remender
Penciller(s): Jerome Opena
Cover Artist(s): Jerome Opena


Continuing where the first volume left off Agent Huston dies and is revived several times, only to be captured and jailed for tampering with the time by going back and forth from the future to the past. Only, his allies and love are on Earth and his only goal is to escape from his confusing predicament, and warn Earth’s last survivors about the feeders’ invasion. But will it all be in vain?

Whereas the first volume of this series was straightforward action with a minimal plot twist, this volume introduces several levels of subplots and confusion while going back on track on the initial mission Huston was supposed to go through in the first volume. While it felt like the first story took a path down another road from its initial premises, I’m not sure the return of the original plot makes the story more interesting.

While the action continues to be a fun roller coaster, the story becomes almost unreadable because of the mess the author seems to have put himself. Unable to fix his time travelling subplot, he returns to the original story without much explanation. Of course, this could all be a ply to go deeper into science fiction lunacy in latter stories. It doesn’t matter much. There are so many plot twists that one stops to relate to the main character.

The artwork is still great, albeit with a new artist on board. Opena keeps to the sam style used by Moore. Huston looks less heroic and more like Wolverine, but it’s all good. Although more talking heads than real actions.  Opena manages to keep readers interest and provides the one consistent element in this confusing story.

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