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Fear Agent Rotating Teams
By Hervé St.Louis
June 17, 2005 - 13:05

Image Comic's science fiction comic book series, Fear Agent, gets a new creative team for issues six to ten. Currently Eisner nominated Tony Moore (The Walking Dead) works on issues 1-5. On issues 6-10, Eisner nominee, Cory Walker (Invincible) will join the series. The two will rotate on 5 issue story arcs through the future of the series.

"When Rick and Tony asked me to join the team they presented the book as an opportunity to make the best comic book we were capable of." said Cory Walker. “The challenge to do better than our best work was enticing but in the end it came down to premise, I love the genre. We’re setting out to make Sci-Fi the new horror.”

"Tony and Cory are with out question two of the most talented artists in comics today," said writer/co-creator Rick Remender. "With Tony and Cory feeding off of each other artistically I’m seeing both of them reach new heights on Fear Agent. But don’t trust my biased opinion-- the art speaks for itself."

“With A-list inker, Sean Parsons, and color-god, Lee Loughridge, Tony’s pencils have never looked better. The amazing Brian Buccellato colors Cory Walker perfectly; these guys were born to work together.”

Image has printed a special edition preview comic as well as full sized limited edition movie posters. The comics will sport an exclusive jam cover by Walker and Moore as well as six full pages from each of their runs. The comics and posters will be limited to 2000 copies and will be available exclusively from Rick, Cory and Tony at the summer’s two largest comic conventions. “We’ll be bringing 1000 copies of the preview books as well as 1000 movie posters to the San Diego Comic Con and Wizard World Chicago.” said Remender. “We’re practically giving them away as a set of the two will go for a measly two dollars. We expect to sell out pretty quickly so make the Image area your first stop.”

"What can I say? I'm totally amped!" said Tony Moore. "Rick's scripts continually shatter my senses and working with Cory is a dream come true because it forces the bar that much higher. I think the three of us bring out the best in each other, and we really feed on it. I couldn't imagine sharing this thing with anyone other than these guys, as well as Sean, Lee and Brian. Image's support on this project has really made it a dream as well. They're really helping us push this thing, and their confidence in us gives us a real personal boost to boot."

“Fear Agent is our attempt to return sci-fi to its proper place--to do it the way we think Mr. Wally Wood would have wanted it,” said Remender. “We’re here to tell big stories packed full of over-the-top monsters and high adventures where the stakes are as simple and primal as basic survival.”