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image comics press release - g4 tv & toyota partner with fear agent for sdcc
By The Editor
July 13, 2006 - 16:00

Giveaways, trading cards, cars and more!
Image Comics' FEAR AGENT has been selected by G4 TV and Toyota in one of the most innovative  partnerships of the San Diego Comic Con to serve as their official   comic book mascot.

To help FEAR AGENT get the visibility the critically acclaimed series   deserves, Toyota has produced a San Diego exclusive FEAR AGENT   edition 2007 Toyota Yaris that will be on display at the G4 TV booth   (#4229) throughout the entire weekend. Toyota has produced this one   of a kind FEAR AGENT MOBILE with hand selected art from the Image   Comics series created by Rick Remender and Tony Moore. In addition,   Toyota will also be producing limited edition FEAR AGENT trading   cards available only at the G4 booth.
"Rick Remender's FEAR AGENT is a rare treat in comics these days,"   reviewed Humphrey Lee of fan favorite Ain't it Cool News. "Tons of   action and genuine moments of utter badassery, the occasional flare   for the dramatic and a nice use of black humor. This is definitely a   highly underappreciated comic book. FEAR AGENT is a must for anyone   who ever found themselves wishing Han Solo had his own movie series."
For those not attending the convention, you can witness the Toyota   FEAR AGENT MOBILE in all segments filmed at the G4 TV booth. Most   notably a live broadcast from the show floor on Saturday, July 22nd   from 11:30 to 12:30, during which FEAR AGENT creators Rick Remender   and Tony Moore will appear to sign 1000 FREE COPIES of a top secret   FEAR AGENT book to be given out on a first come, first serve basis.
Series co-creator Tony Moore was floored by the incredible news. "I'm   just super flattered, having Toyota and G4 select FEAR AGENT as their   comic tie in is pretty huge," he said. "It's also very cool to see my   art painted on the TOYOTA FEAR AGENT MOBILE."
"It's G4 and Toyota - we were incredibly stoked about the  partnership," added Rick Remender. "The reaction to FEAR AGENT has  
been nothing short of remarkable, but this is the cherry on top. I   know current fans will be there and I hope anyone who hasn't read the   series yet will stop by on Saturday for a very cool and very free   book that I guarantee will rope in anyone with a soul."
So remember to drop by and get your picture taken in front of the   FEAR AGENT MOBILE, pick up an SDCC exclusive FEAR AGENT trading card,   get an autograph, check out the G4 TV booth and learn more about the   2007 Toyota Yaris. Rick and Tony will be signing at the G4 TV booth   from 11:30am - 12:30pm on Saturday, your only chance to get one of   the 1000 free Fear Agent books being handed out on live television!

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