Binnies 2012 Best Artist
By Zak Edwards
January 3, 2013 - 21:19


Best Artist: Terry Moore
Already approaching legendary status in the sequential art world, Terry Moore, the creator of Strangers in Paradise and Echo, is currently writing and drawing what just might end up being his magnum opus with Rachael Rising. His uncanny ability to create physically unique looking female characters is amazing, and sorely needed these days in comics. Instead of the cookie cutter comic book female (huge bust, tiny waist, huge hips), Moore's women are as believable looking as the are realistic and beautiful. Oh, and he can draw the hell out of some landscapes and supernatural baddies as well...

Runner-Up: Matt Kindt
Matt Kindt launched his creator-owned series Mind MGMT in May, just as he was finishing his work of Jeff Lemire‚Äôs Sweet Tooth, and has blown away the artistic competition every month since. His visual style is beautiful, elegant, and unlike any other comic book on the market today.  Mind MGMT  is a treasure house of intricacy and secrets within secrets and his loose pencils, gentle watercolors, and smart layers add to the experience, tabbing in memos and field notes that enhance the storytelling. As if the pages of the book were not enough, Kindt hides secret messages in his art that are a code to unlock behind-the-scenes content online. Kindt is changing the reading experience, working hard to create a unique book that any comic fan would enjoy.  His success is more than well earned.

What about the words behind these pictures? Our favourite writer of 2012 is right here!

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