Binnies 2012 Best Anthology
By Zak Edwards
Jan 3, 2013 - 21:07


Best Anthology: Dark Horse Presents
Anthologies are one of the few reminders of how comic books used to be: multiple stories, multiple creators, all contained within one issue. Dark Horse Presents took the old formula and used it to present fresh stories, stories that take risks. The sheer variety in each book makes picking up a copy of Dark Horse Presents worthwhile. From the strange sci-fi world of “Finder: Third World” to the long running noir stories in “City of Roses”, I will not say there is something for everyone (it simply is not true) but each issue is so chock-full of talent that it should not be overlooked.

Runner-Up: Rocketeer Adventures 2
Rocketeer Adventures 2 follows the lead of the stellar formula posed by the first Rocketeer anthology series by IDW. The series gives readers a sampling of some of the best pop art, retro and otherwise, that can be found on the shelves today (read: the virtuosic talents of John Byrne, Walt Simomson, Eric Powell, Bill Sienkiewicz, etc.) coupled with the capable scripting of mainstay writers like Louise Simonson, Matt Wagner, and David Lapham. It's a really wonderful book, full of high-flying feats of daring-do, for anyone interested in becoming reacquainted with the fantastic neo-pulp lore of the Rocketeer.

And the Best Ongoing Series? Right Here!

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