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Review: Lucifer (2015) #11


By Andy Frisk
Oct 19, 2016 - 4:47

Vertigo Comics' resurrected one of it's former flagship titles almost a year ago now and Holly Black has done a great job keeping the character fresh and engaging while paying homage to what had come before in Mike Cary's previous Lucifer series. Lucifer #11 see the series getting close to wrapping up it's first two part story arc, as the reborn Presence, determined to destroy its creation and relieve humans of their free will, unleashes havoc upon the world. Only Lucifer, and an assortment of his previous friends, gods and demigods alike, stand in His way.

Who better to stand against the destruction of free choice than the first being in creation to exercise it? While writer Holly Black doesn't delve too deeply into metaphysics, the mythological history of her main character speaks allegorically well enough for himself. Lucifer, as a series and a Vertigo Comics' property, has been more of a dark fantasy than a Judeo-Christian though piece though, and it's been better for it. Black has other characters to use, which she does deftly, that were created during the first Lucifer series, so the story, and Lucifer as a character, is pretty far from the mytho-religious beginning the Neil Gaiman gave the character and his story in the pages of The Sandman.

Speaking of deft handling of these iconic, some long term and newly christened as such, characters, series artist Lee Garbett has maintained a excellent consistency throughout the series thus far and Lucifer, as a Vertigo Comics franchise, has rarely looked better. Garbett's art is slightly less detailed than I usually like my comic book art, but here the style is perfect for the horror aspect of the book as it's undefined enough to leave some things to the imagination. It's also atmospheric enough to create the moodiness necessary with its angst. Garbett does an excellent job creating uniquely defined individual characters though. Mazikeen is especially well developed here, as is the new incarnation of The Presence.

Under the creative direction of Holly Black and Lee Garbett, Lucifer continues to be one of the best Vertigo Comics being published right now, and definitely worth the monthly read.

Rating: 9 /10

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