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What If Killmonger

By Hervé St-Louis
March 18, 2023 - 22:41

This reissue of the original Killmonger action figure is based on the character’s appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series What if? Which shows an alternative world where events at Marvel turned out differently. In What If? Killmonger was Tony Stark’s bodyguard. Erik Killonger is an old Marvel character who was made a cousin of Black Panther in the movies. In both the movies and the comics, Erik Killmonger was an orphan of Wakandan origins raised outside of that country and who hated white colonisers and tried to have them expelled from Wakanda.



This figure is meant to represent an animated character who is based on a real person, actor Michael B. Jordan who played Killmonger in the Black Panther movie. Because of that, the colours are not muted, and bright. The face is softened a bit as compared to the less cartoony version of the first Marvel Legends figure. Thus, this saturated version of Killmonger will not look great next to more muted MCU Marvel Legends figures or other lines that seem to be compatible, such as G.I. Joe Classified.



Looking at this new head sculpt, I dislike the fade on his head. It is too soft and plasticky instead or grit and realistic, like the fade on other Hasbro figures such as the Classified Duke or Stalker. There is not texture on his hair. His dreads are too big and simplistic. I dislike his legs and pants as their texture is too rough and uneven compared with the detailed and well-executed ones found with Classified action figures. The body armour is too shiny and without any grit or dents.


Both the head and the feet appear too big for the body. His normal hands have trigger fingers but without any guns to hold. The pistol and knife on his waist are sculpt in and cannot be removed. That’s a bummer. Elements like knives and pistols that are sculpted in are not popular nowadays, as collectors have become used to removable parts, from series such as G.I. Joe Classified. Sculpted in parts feel like a rip off and unnecessary cost cutting measure. How the wrists connect to the wrists’ sockets make it look as if the figure had balljoints inside. Thus, the articulation is not elegant. The hands and arms feel too small for the body.



The paints and the plastic are too bright. The paint on the exposed part of the neck does fit the skin tone of the plastic neck. There is no shading or wear and tear on the body armour. The pants have a nice camo pattern though.


Although a military-like action figure, Killmonger does not fit well with G.I. Joe Classified. He is bigger than most of them and fits better with seven inch action figures than six ones. That means that even next to other MCU Marvel Legends figures, he looks too big. Put Killmonger next to the MCU Captain America Falcon and you will see how ridiculous he looks next to that figure.



The figure is stable thanks to its huge feet.


He has no butterfly joints but can still raise his arms sideways close to 90 degrees. There is a ratchet in his shoulders making the articulation a bit stiff. Putting the figure in hot water may help a bit. The neck sculpted in the torso which limits its articulations. While the range when looking up or down is good for Killmonger, the peg inside of the head. Because it is an older mould, all the joints have exposed articulations. The elbows have double articulations that work well. The wrists bend inside or outside. The belly crunch is well hidden with the sculpt and that’s a good thing. The figure can turn at the waist but there are no ball joints there allowing for more movability.



The plastic is too polished although the face is matte.


While he has a belt attached to his waist with sculpted in gear, and a strap on his left thigh where he can store more tools, Killmonger only comes with a spear. He has no weapons and not masks. He does come with a second pair of hands in the look of the Black Panther. They are black claw hands. I added an Action Force riffle which looks good. It should have come with one.



The packaging reflects Hasbro’s new policy of using only cardboards to limit wastes. I know many fans dislike this packaging because figures can be swiped, and collectors who prefer to display in-box are limited. I’m happy to report that my sample had not been tempered with. The box is in the colour of the What If? Series with images of the character and others.


This figure retails for $24.99 USD or $35.99 CAN. It is too pricey for the little that we get with this toy.


This figure is exclusive to Amazon in whichever country you reside in. Eventually, it may be released more widely to other stores. Released in early February 2023, this figure is still easy to get from Amazon. The original was very popular and expensive to get. Collectors thinking this one will be a good replacement will be face with the fact that action figure design has improved since 2018 and what looked great then, looks jaded and exaggerated today. I do not recommend this action figure.



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