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Gundam Seed Destiny: Volume One

By Julie Gray
August 26, 2006 - 23:59

Gundam Seed Destiny: Volume One Cover


 Gundam has a history that spans 25 years. Not only is it an extremely popular manga but it has also been adapted into an anime that has proved to be equally as popular. The first volume of Gundam Seed Destiny by authors Hajime Yatate and Yoshikyuki Tomino captures the excitement of the fast-paced anime on every page.


There are quite a few different storylines behind the Gundam series of manga and anime. The end of this particular book gives a brief description of the different Gundam storylines with some interesting background information on the Gundam series. It’s probably a good start for beginners and newcomers to the series and the genre.


Gundam Seed Destiny: Volume 1 begins after a ceasefire between the Zaft Empire and Earth. Although the treaty has been signed, tension still exists between the Zaft Empire and Earth’s alliance. The action begins when both forces encounter each other in space and a fight ensues. So begins the story of Gundam Seed Destiny: Volume 1.


If you enjoy fast-paced action sequences set in space between huge, mechanical robots, you will no doubt enjoy the Gundam Seed Destiny series of manga. One of the most important factors of this story however, is not the action-packed fighting sequences or the beautifully drawn mechanical robots; although these aspects certainly do make the story entertaining. We were surprised to find that at the basis of all of the turmoil and tension between the two warring factions, lies a rather interesting if not subtle, love story. It is written in such a way however, as not to detract from the rest of the storyline. This is an extremely important factor. The relationships between the main characters, especially Athrun and Cagalli, are quite integral to the entire theme of the story but blend in well with the main theme which is, of course, the war between the Zaft Empire and Earth.


The artwork in Gundam Seed Destiny: Volume 1 is superb. Artist Masatsugu Iwase certainly knows how to capture detail in both the characters and the robots alike. The character drawings are so refined that at times, it is difficult to ascertain one character from another. And since the storyline often flips back and forth between characters, this can be a test of one’s skills of observation. Nevertheless, the manga is divided into chapters which cover different aspects of the fighting between the Plant and Earth and the political relations that also play a part in the bigger picture. There is certainly a whole lot going on in this manga that you wouldn’t expect.


Overall, the storyline is extremely enjoyable and with several different elements appearing through-out, it certainly offers the reader variety. The main theme of the story is well written and the characters are likeable and engaging.


Gundam Seed Destiny: Volume 1 is another fine manga from Del Rey. This particular manga also has additional areas at the end of the book including an introduction to the authors and artist, a Mecha description bonus page detailing the different robots of the Gundam universe and a sneak preview of Gundam Seed Destiny Volume 2 in original Japanese.


Art Work: 9/10

Story: 9/10

Overall Rating: 9/10


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