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Finder Vol.1: Target in the Viewfinder (Yaoi)

By Leroy Douresseaux
August 11, 2011 - 10:19

Finder Vol. 1: Target in the Viewfinder cover image

Drama/Romance; Rated “18+ Mature”

Apparently, the Finder Series, yaoi manga created by Ayano Yamane, is an important work in the boys’ love genre.  I’d heard of it only in passing, but now I get to see why it is so popular.  After suffering publishing slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, the Finder Series is back in print in English via Digital Manga Publishing’s Juné imprint.

The Finder Series revolves around 23-year-old freelance photographer, Akihito Takaba, who is always looking to get a big scoop.  His desire to land a big story brings Akihito into contact with a young crime lord named Ryuichi Asami, which starts a relationship between the two as they are continually drawn to one another.  The third player is Fei Long, a rival Chinese criminal and hit man (of sorts) out for revenge.

Finder Vol. 1: Target in the Viewfinder finds hot young freelance photographer Akihito Takaba photographing his latest subject, crime lord Ryuichi Asami.  Asami, however, is aware that there is a photographer out there who is interfering in his business.  It isn’t long before Asami’s thugs apprehend Akihito and bring him to their boss.  Look out Akihito!  Your ass is grass and Asami’s erection is the lawn mower.

Target in the Viewfinder has even more hot boy-on-boy action.  In “Love Lesson,” Yusuke Sakurai is attending a new school and the first day is filled with anticipation.  On the way to school aboard the city bus, however, Yusuke finds himself being groped by a middle-aged man, but a mysterious older student comes to his rescue.  Or does he?  It seems that the upper classman, Takato Ichijo, saved Yusuke’s ass so he could grope it!

In “Plants in Love,” high school students, Mizuno and Hiyama, suspect that their fathers may be gay lovers.  The boys check into the hotel where their fathers are staying, but Mizuno and Hiyama’s stakeout might uncover another budding romance – their own.

“God Bless My Justice” focuses on the Risky SocietyAkira Todo, Yuuto Miyashita, and Rei Yukimura are agents with special powers taking on conspiracies against society.  Akira is the new guy and is having trouble fitting in, but when he puts his life on the line for a fellow agent, he may find that he fits in just perfectly.

To put it simply, Finder is a crime drama and soap opera, with the stark violence of the former and the sexuality of the latter.  The sex is pretty hardcore and sometimes sadomasochistic (or even felonious).  Creator Ayano Yamane blithely plays with the rape fantasies so evident in romance novels, but it comes across as merely strapping boys playing with straps in rough games of grab-ass.

That aside, I can see why the Finder Series would make such a big splash.  The art is beautifully composed with the kind of figure drawing one might find in a text book.  The costumes, clothes, and sex toys, as well as the lush urban backdrops (smoky nightclubs, posh estates, lovely love nests, etc.) are eye candy.  I hated to leave this prettily drawn world.

The other stories are equally beautifully drawn, but are mere trifles of comedy and fantasy drama.  However, as yaoi, the three other stories do not skimp on sex, offering as much as Finder, sans the bondage, if not the aggressiveness.  The best thing that I can say about this is that I didn’t want the volume to end.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  Thank God there’s more…


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