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Marvel Select Elektra

By Hervé St-Louis
September 28, 2003 - 16:31

Just in time for Christmas 2002, Diamond Select, the new company producing action figures and high end merchandise released, in partnership with Toy Biz, the Marvel Select Elektra action figure. Like all Marvel Select action figures, this is a deluxe product with many highlights and features. Each Marvel Select is a project in itself and their production schedule more elaborate and lengt

hy. But was it worth it? Likeness

This figure resembles Elektra. I wouldn't say she looks like any version in particular, like Frank Miller's rendition. Perhaps that's what's missing from the figure. Gone are large plump lips. Instead, we get elongated limbs and rag hair. This Elektra sports her original red costume complete with bandana. She has large eyes peeking out of her skull. This figure has all the excesses but none of the grace of the character.


Marvel Select gave fans choices how they pose their Elektra action figures. Once can change the lower part of the figure to either the wide apart legs' stance or the Marilyn Monroe shot with legs close together and sculpted toes. Most sculpted folds on the figure's red costume are painted black as if to capture the comic book look. This looks bad because there is too much emphasis where none is needed.


We find the same type of excess in the paint job. Elektra's eyes have painted lashes so large, it looks like a Barby doll. I know Miller drew her like that, but it looks ridiculous here. Parts of her suit, where there is no paint on the folds look poor and lack focus. If they were gonna paint folds, they should have done it all the way and not stop in the middle. Fortunately, Elektra has some nice blush on her face.


This figure, like all other Marvel Select action figure is about seven inches tall. Forget trying to fit her with other six inch figures such as Marvel Legends or DC Direct. Part of her body work, but not the long legs. If you do, you'll have to imagine her as a very tall woman. However, Elektra fits perfectly with other Marvel Select action figures. The only problem is finding her enough companions to keep her company.


Neither lower parts of the figure allow it to stand up o its own. You must use one of the bases that came with the figure. However, when installed on a base, this figure will not fall.


Elektra has no more than six points of articulations. They are at the neck, the shoulders, the biceps and the waist. The head and the shoulders are ball-jointed which allow the figure to adopt more poses than her limited articulations would suggest. You can make her take a lot of her positions with her sais. Elektra's second set of arms allows her to put sais between her index and big finger. Her legs don't move at all.


Elektra contains the same hollow type of plastic of which many Toy Biz action figures consist of. Although it seems cheap at first, it does allow the figures to resist better to temperature changes. The plastic resists better to mishandling by kids but I doubt people buy Marvel Select action figures for very young kids. Elektra's skirt, hair and bandana are in rubber.


The diorama is the highlight of this set although I question the appropriateness of a wall mountable medieval castle's tower. Something with a Greek or ninjutsu theme would have been better. Still, the tower is the perfect headquarter for Elektra. One can attach a spear on top. One can store all of the figure's extra parts and weapon in the back. You can put both set of legs on specially designed pegs bars.


Besides the two sets of arms, Elektra comes with two sets of sais, a small base for the Marilyn Monroe set of legs, nunchakus and the above mentioned spear. One can attach most unused parts to customized peg bars inside the tower. The sets of sais that can fit between the figure's fingers are round and thinner than the other set. All props are well painted and made of similar plastic and rubber parts.


The packaging for this figure is a huge blister pack on a card, like all Marvel Selects. It's easy to damage the package during transit. The glue and cardboard paper used do not hold the weight of the materials inside. However, the pack looks great.


Marvel Select action figures cost more than Marvel Legends toys. They are only marginally of better quality than Marvel Legends goods. Most of the extra money customers are charge only go into Diamond Select and Toy Biz' pockets for no-good reason. This is hard to justify especially when Marvel Legends figure often have more playability value than and articulations. The suggested price of the set is $24.95.


This set is still available from Diamond Select, although it was very popular. It is only available through comic book stores and specialty shops on Diamond Select's distribution system. The set may be found for less in auction sites and stores' cheap bins. Toy Biz has released a cheaper and better articulated Elektra figure just recently. It might be a better option for those on a budget who can manage to find the figure.


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